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Empowering women to achieve true success in their businesses by providing expert analysis, innovative strategies, and creative solutions, all while helping them reclaim their free time and live a balanced life.

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Introducing Christine Hansen, a seasoned small business consultant specializing in empowering women (especially in their thirties) and forties to achieve true success in their ventures.

With a strong background in small business as an entrepreneur herself, and a passion for problem-solving, Christine not only analyzes her clients' businesses with precision but also identifies untapped opportunities for process improvements and strategic replacements.

Her track record boasts an impressive array of accomplishments, including successfully selling her own first business, winning the Creative Young Entrepreneur Award, and gaining substantial media coverage. She is well seasoned in public speaking engagements (TEDx being only one of them) and has done many media appearances globally (notably BFMTV in Paris).

Additionally, Christine is a published author of a very insightful books on business growth. Beyond her professional expertise, she finds joy in exploring new destinations, admiring the elegance of the Hermès brand, cherishing moments with horses, dogs, and cats, and immersing herself in the exhilarating experience of live music.

Christine Hansen is the go-to consultant for women entrepreneurs seeking innovative solutions and a transformative business journey.Having grown up in the heart of Europe and speaking 5 languages, plus currently doing a PhD at one of the top business schools worldwide (ESCP Paris), Christine is your perfect partner for a combination of the European class with the American Dream drive and business mentality.



Kendra Perry


“Christine is my go to bestie for all things business, marketing and PR. She always provides helpful insight and thinks outside the box. Her coaching helped me get featured in Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, BuzzFeed and entrepreneur.com This woman knows her shit and any coach would be a lucky star to work with her.”

martha small

Martha Berkesch Lewis

health Coaching

“I definitely feel like I got help in learning more strategies for marketing and social media and what to write about and how to pitch podcasts and speaking gigs and things like that was really valuable for me.”

testimonial for christine hansen by kelly murray

Kelly Murray

health coaching

“Christine is very efficient in her business processes and also very effective. So she puts out all that. She taught us what I liked the most how to produce a lot of content. She is very professional and very resourceful.”

Annie Schlecht - Headshot 2 bw

Annie Schlecht

health Coaching

“She knows her stuff in both the health sector and then also in the business mentoring, like it's just kind of the best of both worlds there.”

The CMB Method

Bespoke, and yet with a system.

Christine's clients range from artists, shop owners to service providers online as well as offline.

Each business has their own challenges, whether that is team building/management or internal/client processes.

What makes Christine different is that she holds high standards when it comes to who she wants to work with but also towards what she delivers.

Each partnership is shaped by clear goals and markers for both herself and her clients with her then suggesting new workflows, technical automation and simplification and processes.

In the end Christine wants you and your team as well as your clients to experience a fluid, smooth and highly efficient business that exudes high standards and justifies your price point.

Christine has a lot of different offers ranging from 100€ – 6000€ with different time frames and structures to suit many different working patterns. Check out her offers on the website menu.

People don’t do well with change in general. But I cannot help it. And it’s a good thing. Here is why:
When I started my journey “ to become a grown up” it was all fairly straight forward.
Academic studies for an academic career.And I did work as a teach for 10 years and it really helped me to skill my craft of explaining things to all kinds of different learning types.
I actually started out teaching English to adults who came from all different countries and we had zero language all in common. So I couldn’t use translation and literally had to start from scratch using images and body language. And in general I really enjoyed teaching. I just really didn’t like all the admin around it.
But then, the first year after the birth of my little one I came across an opportunity to start my own business. 
One thing that stuck with me was that when I went to the local chamber of commerce to get help setting up my business it was difficult to define what I did because I couldn’t register as a consultant (baby sleep consultant in this case), and so we went with “coach” as that term isn’t regulated here. 
The term “consultant” was limited to corporate and tax consulting and you needed a traditional economics or accountancy degree to get that. 
And I did coach, in the line of a sports coach, keeping my sleep deprived baby parents on track.
At the same time I went through a lot of personal development and got to learn all the other sides of psychological  coaching, specifically mindset wise.
Once I started my second company I truly focused on that element of coaching to help my adult insomniacs with stress relief. But later I added consulting by teaching them about data (their test results) and suggesting supplements to adjust their health and sleep.
Then I got into business coaching, mainly for people in health but it was not what I expected. A lot of the times it was more coaching on their mindset than necessarily working on the business and giving concrete strategy advice.
And yet that was what I craved. 
So after a conversation with a good friend (I often need to articulate my thoughts in order to get clarity) who has also been in business for a while it became obvious to me that that was what I wanted and I decided to become super focused on that.
So that is what I now truly enjoy and do. I mainly consult (even though I still can't officially register as such here in Luxembourg and so I am still classified as a coach). 
I pick clients who have been in the game for a while and yes, there is still coaching naturally involved from time to time, and yes I also teach when it comes to new tech we will be using but the focus is on clear advice and suggestions. And for now: it feels like I’ve arrived.
So if you are looking for someone who will support you working on your business  and if you have done personal development before and that is not your priority right now but rather focused implementing then check out my offers.

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