Vision, Strategy and Execution

For 6 figure entrepreneurs who hit a roadblock to reach the next stage in their business without sacrificing even more time and energy.
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For yourself and your business or showing a loved one that support and believe in them.

Alternatively you can hire me as a consultant

Learn more about the V.S.E. programme, allowing you to declutter your business and making it lighter, more efficient and ready to scale further.

I know you ... because I used to be you

Hey I'm Christine Hansen

Believe me I hadn't figured everything out from the start and here is what I've learned:

Developing my 2 businesses has been a learning experience

and it has shown me that I excel at structuring legacy businesses, even if you are at the centre of it, allowing me to take you out of the equation as much as possible

Here is my ethos:

I am a champion for businesses that tend to be forgotten or not even taken seriously by the main forces that be (government, media, etc.)

Just because you aren't a huge conglomerate doesn't mean you aren't doing serious work! 

I am here to help you reach your vision and goals before you burn out or have your team quit in exhaustion.

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create your vision

I will help you to be truthful to yourself and your vision no matter how bold or far-fetched you might think it is.

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Develop a strategy

Mindset, spirituality and coaching is all good and well but ultimately you cannot bypass this step if you truly want to make an impact without spreading yourself thin. I am here to help,

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