Get the ½ VIP Day Experience

Clarity, strategy and a special touch done in 4 hours

The ½ VIP Day is the perfect way to take your business to the next level. Our 4-hour intensive consultation and implementation session will give you all the tools and resources you could ever wish for to perfect your business.

You have been in business for a while now and you know what you want. Get to heart of the matter instantly and be wow-ed by Christine’s swift analytics, insights and agility without having to invest days, weeks or even months of time.

This is what you may look forward to:

Focused consultation & implementation

I will provide you with 4 hours of focused consultation and implementation on the topics that matter to you most. Through this experience, we'll help you create a plan that works for your needs and goals.

My book and real welcome gift sent to you via post

You will also receive a copy of my book, plus a real welcome gift sent to you via post as a token of appreciation for signing up with us.

1 week of Voxer support during business hours

I also offer one week of Voxer support during business hours so that we can address any queries or concerns that may arise after the consultation.

Recording of the session (audio and/or video)

We provide  arecording of the session (audio and/or video) so that you can go back and review what was discussed in case there were any missed points or areas that need further clarification.

Summary report with list of resources and tools

Once our VIP Day is over, we will provide a summary report with a list of resources and tools that we discussed.

Private podcast feed

You will get your very own podcast feed to help you prepare for the day and with any information that we will work through and that you might want more elaborate explanations on after the day.


Absolute certainty on how to proceed in your business.

There is nothing as exhausting as uncertainty or vagueness. Knowing exactly what to do saves you so much energy and that is exactly what we’ll cater your business during this half day.

Whether you are struggling to direct your team the way you want to or get handle on their deliverables, we can structure all of it so you don’t ever have to hesitate again and be the leader and CEO you’d look up to yourself.

Or whether you want to make absolutely sure that your clients’ user experience is the absolute best it can possibly be: we’ve got you covered by making sure each process is the most efficient and pleasant imaginable with an extra touch your clients will love to come back for (nothing like repeat customers).

Or maybe you have projects on the horizon but don’t know where to start. A podcast, writing a book or booking speaking engagements are all exciting but also daunting tasks if you have never done it before. I can share all of my expertise and hands-on experiences.

Or you might “just” want to revise and improve your business processes and strategies. I’d be honoured and excited to help you audit your business and transform it into the next-level version you know it can be.

You won’t ever be at a loss of what to do next again. We will take all of your ideas, filter out the best of them and map out a clear roadmap of projects and tasks that make sense and will actually move the needle.

Say goodbye to overwhelm, confusion and stagnation! From here on out it is full steam ahead! 


You’re perfect for this if…

  • You are eager to finally sit down and work ON your business for a change versus in your business all the time


  • You have an idea of at least three things that truly put a damper on your business pride and you definitely want to change


  • You work well in a focused container and thrive on quick decision marking

You might not be a good fit if…

  • Your business is not really established yet and still in its infant shoes


  • You are struggling with getting clients and are hoping that these four hours will fix everything


  • You are completely tech illiterate and have no team or can’t afford a freelancer to help you
Maggie Headshot Tuscany

Maggie Giele

BUSINESS Strategist

Christine is a breath of fresh air. Luxury air that will make you tremble in your boots, get fired up, and want more. We had a session together as I want to move towards more premium, high-touch work and I wanted an external opinions on the gaps of my messaging and business to move more in my ideal direction. So many things came up from the call – they weren’t all easy to listen to – but it almost felt like permission to do a few things I’ve wanted to but wasn’t sure about. Christine will tell it like it is, and we need that to be able to move forward faster.

Kathryn Meehan

Kathryn Meehan

Life Coaching

Christine is a true gem and filled with amazing amounts of generosity and practical assistance. Her laser focus and specific suggestions helped polish up my newly developed website so that it could be more relatable to potential clients and fill in some of the information I was overlooking. I am so grateful to have met Christine and will continue to seek out her guidance. I recommend her services with the highest confidence!




  • Once you have paid your deposit my assistant will reach out to you within 24 hours (during business days) to send you a few possibilities of time frames for your half VIP day to choose from.



  • I will ask you to send me an audio or video file or list of subjects that you definitely want to get down to during our day together. You will get your very own private podcast feed that will help you to truly think and filter on what is essential so you don't get overwhelmed.
  • If you want me to go through processes or a client journey ahead of our session, make sure you share your passwords with me (I am using LastPass) or add me to the respective programmes or workflows.
  • Make sure you do so at least 72 hours ahead of our session.



  • We will get right to it without too much chit chat. I will dive straight into expectations and KPIs of the day and then we go into work beast mode.
  • All the while I will be recording on video (if we meet online), audio (especially if we meet offline and won’t be using a camera) so that you will be able to get the recordings, a transcript and a summary report.
  • session duration: 2 hours, 15 minute break, 2 hours



  • You will have a week of Voxer support, which is a voice messaging service for any follow-up questions, observations or another type of support.
  • You will get a list of resources we discussed and if available video tutorials on how to implement them.

Oh hey, I’m Christine

I have been successfully in business (mainly online) for nearly a decade now.

I am an author, podcast host, speaker and PhD candidate and an award winning entrepreneur.

I like to work super focused and efficiently and I love luxury.

I am an avid traveler, foodie and pet lover.

I am also a mother.


And I live for smart business.




Select your payment plan + purchase. My assistant will get in touch with you within 24 hours with a few suggestions to pick from for our sessions.


Fire away…

You know something is off but can’t quite put your finger on it? No worries. I know exactly which questions to ask to get to the core of the matter.

If you live in Luxembourg it will be offline or online depending on what you prefer. Otherwise, we will meet via Zoom online. 

The biggest liberation that will help you to finally breathe again is prioritization!

I absolutely excel in providing clarity and structure. So even if we don’t get to everything you will know exactly what to do next?

When we start we will create and discuss clear KPIs and expectations.

I am a super straightforward and honest person and will communicate as soon as something feels off and I expect the same from my clients.

The KPIs will help us achieve our goals.
Should we realise that it isn’t a good fit between us mid session then I will refund you everything minus my hourly rate (500€ in this case) for any time we’ve already spent working.

Feel free to email me. I'm happy to help.

testimonial for christine hansen by kelly murray

Kelly Murray

health coaching

“Christine is very efficient in her business processes and also very effective. So she puts out all that. She taught us what I liked the most how to produce a lot of content. She is very professional and very resourceful.”

Annie Schlecht - Headshot 2 bw

Annie Schlecht

health Coaching

“She knows her stuff in both the health sector and then also in the business mentoring, like it's just kind of the best of both worlds there.”

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