My top 10 pieces of advice to rock your business in 2021

My top 10 pieces of advice to rock your business in 2021 blog




Happy New Year!  

Today I want to share 10 tips with you that will rock your business in 2021 because 2020 was quite a shit show for all of us. So, let's see what we can do in 2021 in order for you to have the best year yet or at least a year that you can look back at with a fond smile instead of just a frown and a lot of frustration. 

10 Tips to rock your business

1. Get a wall planner

I did this for 2020, and I was really excited – and then it all went to shit because nothing could be done due to the pandemic. The huge wall planner for the whole year will help you start the year in a way that’s so much more relaxed and organized. So, go ahead and start mapping out your year with your business projects. 

  • Write down all the projects that you want to do in a year. A project is a big thing, like a launch, or a webinar series, as well as holding a retreat. In short, things that will take a certain amount of time. For example, if you want to design or publish a course, you would pencil it in as course creation + plus launch. That would take you at least a whole month, if not six weeks. Personally, I really like to give myself enough time, such as four to six weeks per project. 
  • Schedule your personal free time in the planner, your breaks, and your holidays. If you don't have it on your calendar, you are most likely not going to do it. I have talked to people in the past, who haven't had a day off in years, and that is not healthy, my friends. So go ahead and schedule your vacation. I need a week off at least every six weeks. Sometimes it's even two weeks. So it's really important to me that I block those out in my schedule.  This is probably one of the most important things you will plan!
  • Block out any days for conferences, or any days for retreats. I really recommend that whenever you have a conference, or somewhere where you’re going to travel to, you also block out two to three days after that, because it will be a recovery period. You will be buzzing with ideas. There will be so many projects that you want to do. So make sure you block out enough of that time, and you will see that in a year there is no way you're going to do more than six projects. 

Have that calendar in front of you, and it will be much easier as well to see if you are available for maybe an affiliate launch, to make sure if that is not coinciding with your own marketing schedule because you have a launch of your own. This way, it will be much easier to plan. 

2. Set your priority

I want you to prioritize only one thing for 2021, and that could be either focusing only on your content or writing your blog, or doing amazing videos. It could also be that you only want to focus on your client's journey. You might want to make sure that everything runs smoothly, that it's completely streamlined, and that with every client you analyze and make sure that you can optimize that. It could also be that you only focus on public speaking. It could also be that you mainly focus on writing a book. It could also be that you mainly want to prioritize public relations, where you're becoming published, and being on podcasts. 

Choose one thing and then really schedule that in. Have at least one day a week when you analyze and focus on it and have an intake. 

3. Get Celebratory Stickers

Get fun stickers to put on your calendar every time you have something to celebrate. We are all notoriously bad at celebrating ourselves, but each time you get a client, put a sticker in your calendar. It will help show you how amazing you are and the progress you are doing.  

4. Hire a coach

Having a coach that you click with is super important. I've seen it in our mastermind group, the 360 Mastermind. We had people go from zero to 10K months within six months. Personally, I haven't been that good; it took me three years to get there. We had one person hit her 6-figures within seven months of starting to work with us, and it's because she had coaches like Kendra and myself. But even if you have one coach, it helps you save so much time from trial and error. It gives you a shoulder to cry on. It gives you direction, focus and it holds you accountable. 

5. Don't set unrealistic goals

I know that we love to say, “I'm going to make that kind of amount of money. I'm going to get that many clients”. I really want you to evaluate what those goals are based on.

  • Are they based on other people's goals, because that person has hit seven figures, so you want to hit seven figures too?
  • Do you actually need to earn seven figures, or is it just a vanity thing in a way?
  • Be brutally honest and do not set unrealistic goals, because it can get very, very frustrating.  

If you want a structure on how to plan and to set those smaller goals, I recommend checking out Amber McCue and her Planathon. They work in small sprints where you work really, really hard for a short amount of time, and then you have a mandatory week off and you set your goals accordingly. Those goals are much more achievable and will bring you much closer to your big internal goal later on. 

It's not bad to have one bigger goal, but it's not a wise thing to put yourself under pressure before them. 

6. Prioritize your mindset in 2021!  

This connects to the previous point of goal setting. A lot of people set huge goals, but then internally, they are already sabotaging them.

Let's say your goal is I want to hit seven figures this year. You might have a little grumbling voice inside that's saying, “How dare you reach that big? 7-figure people are all super vain, and they are fake, and they are just money is the root of all evil” and so forth. You will sabotage yourself straight from the get-go. What I recommend, and it's been the biggest shift in my business, and I know it's not sexy. It's investigating your money mindset and personal development as a priority for 2021. 

There are so many mindset coaches out there. You can absolutely reach out and I will recommend some of them. I am not a mindset coach. I do investigate it with my private clients, but there are some who totally specialize in this that I can recommend. Everyone I know who's a successful entrepreneur has had a deep mindset work done. So it’s absolutely a priority. 

7. Get a biz bestie

A biz bestie is someone who you can vent to. Whom you can leave a 12-minute long Voxer message because something didn't go as you planned. Whom you can celebrate with, who will hold you accountable, and who will just help you to stay sane.

We all need that, especially in the online world, where we are sometimes a bit isolated. Even if our partners are supportive, they don't always get it. So having someone who does the same thing as you, or is in the same kind of niche or area, is really important. 

Have a look at who you want to connect with and maybe reach out to them and say, “Hey, would you be up to having monthly calls?” Or “Would it be okay if I shoot you a message sometimes?” Obviously, you have to connect. I do it with my business bestie, Kendra, and we talk to each other a lot. (We also have a podcast together). It's definitely something that keeps me sane. 

8. Crunch your numbers

It's really important for me that you guys know your numbers. I have multiple blog posts on this and my Masterclass #2 is on that topic. This is essential. If you haven't done it so far, make 2021 the year when you take your business seriously, and you get a hold of your numbers.  

9. Pick a social media platform

Choose one social media platform that you're going to focus on more actively. Trying to do it all, being on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram; doing Reels, doing Facebook lives, all of it can be a bit overwhelming. Yes, you need to do it to some extent, but there should only be one that you focus more time, on. You might switch it up after a while because you notice that you are getting more traction on different platforms. Your analytics might show you that.  

There’s a really great software that I use instead of Google Analytics. It's called Cyfe. It integrates with Google Analytics, and is much easier to read. It helps you to read and understand your analytics much easier. 

10. Prioritize your days

My last tip that will rock your business in 2021 is prioritizing your days for sales calls. Open your scheduler only for two days when you take sales calls. I noticed, if I do more than just sales calls, such as organization, writing emails, and answering calls, I can't truly focus on my call.  Having days, where I am on calls only, I can look better, prepare better, and be fully present for those people.  My sales calls are only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

My client calls are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and on Mondays and Wednesdays, I work on my business. On Friday I have my day off. 

Have a look at your schedule and arrange it accordingly. If you have sales calls available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, it's too much. Really prioritize them. It's also going to give people a bit more of an emergency feeling because they will see that your calendar is limited, which is always a good thing to have.  

Those are my top 10 tips to rock your business in 2021. Let me know which one you liked best. If the tip about hiring a coach struck you and you're thinking, “Hmm… maybe I want to work with Christine”, then please reach out and let's see how I can best work with you. I only take six people at a time! 

- Christine
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