3 week intensive

A revolutionary business program that helps you develop a winning strategy, vision and implementation plan for your business in just 3 short weeks. You'll gain clarity, confidence and direction to improve your business and your life.

Get 1:1 attention and every question answered, every single time.


  • A digestible time frame that is perfect for focus, implementations, evaluation and re-direction if need be so that you don’t have to commit too long and yet have enough time to get something really done.

  • Super clear instructions on how to implement processes, guide your team and uplevel your client user experience journey so that you can stop quickly clicking away whenever you know something isn’t quite right and actually address it this time.


  • This time you don’t have to dread signing up for yet another programme and not finishing it or losing interest. As we have 3 weekly calls (plus possible daily Voxer support*) you will stick to your intentions and create a result.


  • You won’t ever be without a plan again as these processes can be applied again and again!


  • You will be so proud of your business, your new over the moon client reviews and your team that will rave about you as being the best boss they’ve ever had.

Here is why this is perfection!

When you’ve been in business for a while you become faster in your thinking and decision making and you just aren’t as interested anymore in year long or 6 month programmes. 

On top of that a lot of programmes charge top dollar for large groups where it's a hail mary on whether your questions will actually get answered or not OR you need to wait for ages and plough your way through other people's stuff before you get your turn.

This container is what I have been looking for and have been missing in the market.

Either courses are just too long and broad, or they are on personal development, which is fine but not necessarily what I need when I am in action “get-shit-done” mode.

Now’s the perfect time to give your business a dynamic efficiency injection that will benefit your clients, your team and most of all YOU as more time in an inevitable side product. 

Don’t worry about:

  • Giving up mid-way and having invested too much in order not to finish. Our weekly calls will keep you on your toes.


  • Christine not getting your stage of business. She is a seasoned entrepreneur and PhD candidate at one of the best business schools in the world (she got brains) PLUS the lady’s got TASTE! Something that just cannot be bought but that is fostered over years


  • Ending up with a disappointing result because we will set up clear expectations and standards that Christine will hold you as well as herself to.

this can't wait . . .

… because practically this is just a limited offer running from the 1st May – 21st May 2023 and for 3 people only. But it is also at the perfect time in the year. We have 3 quarters still ahead of us, the new year frenzy is ebbing down and the time is just ride to shuffle free some time to work on your business.


The Three Week Intensive

1st May – 21st May 2023, 3 people only

This is an online or offline (if you are in Luxembourg) business consulting programme where you get private access to Christine.  We have 3 calls a week ie. 9 in total.

It will target the vision for your business, overhaul your strategy and help you implement what was discussed.

You will also benefit from a private podcast feed for the 3 people signing up, where I will share the best insights, so you can learn from their businesses as well.

It should be easy, high end and fun!


  • If your team is costing you more nerves and more time than ROI, we need to change that.

  • If you are spending way too much time on “stuff” that isn’t your zone of genius or lightning you up, we need to change that.

  • If your clients have to jump through more hoops than necessary or if there isn’t a system in place for them to become repeat customers: we need to change that.

  • If you have way too many tech subscriptions that you are not leveraging because it is just too stressful for you, we need to change that.

  • If you are still trying to chase some project a coach or friend has recommended to you but that actually doesn’t suit you, we need to change that.

We will do a deep dive into your business, pull out the proverbial weeds and set you up for everything you hoped for when you started those years ago.


Kendra Perry


“Christine is my go to bestie for all things business, marketing and PR. She always provides helpful insight and thinks outside the box. Her coaching helped me get featured in Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, BuzzFeed and entrepreneur.com This woman knows her shit and any coach would be a lucky star to work with her.”

martha small

Martha Berkesch Lewis

health Coaching

“I definitely feel like I got help in learning more strategies for marketing and social media and what to write about and how to pitch podcasts and speaking gigs and things like that was really valuable for me.”

Oh hey, I’m Christine

I have been successfully in business (mainly online) for nearly a decade now.

I am an author, podcast host, speaker and PhD candidate and an award winning entrepreneur.

I like to work super focused and efficiently and I love luxury.

I am an avid traveler, foodie and pet lover.

I am also a mother.

And I live for smart business. 

What we’ll cover inside the 3 week intensive container.

We will work on your vision, your strategy and implementation


Clarity First

  • Deadlines and goals . . . I just can’t . . .
    This might not be intuitive for you but actually science has shown that very often being too planned leave way more space for creativity and better results. We will create a roadmap that will keep you motivated, without stressing you out!

  • You will tell me all about your business and purpose and ideas and I will help you sift through what makes sense and what we can let go.

  • Because you will be working with me privately you will get all my focus and genius. I cannot wait!

As a result you will stay motivated and with momentum for the whole year to come!


The Deep Dive, the Audit, call it what you will

  • We will go through all of your processes together, with fresh eyes from the perspective of your clients or team

  • From there we will eliminate unnecessary ballast and implement smarter solutions

  • You will be able to repeat this in intervals of your choosing to make your your business stays healthy and lean.

As a result you will feel lighter, energized and excited to implement our ideas.


KPI's and SOP's is where it’s at

  • You’re a people pleaser? Not a problem. With clear KPIs it doesn’t matter what kind of personality you have as they help you to be objective and fair and transparent towards everyone involved.

  • Your team will be grateful and turnover, which will happen in order to find the perfect people, will be easy and without sleepless nights or a guilty conscience

  • You SOPs will help you save precious time whenever something changes and shuffle free enormous time blocks for you to enjoy

By the end of setting these up you will feel more confident in your role as a CEO and be set up for decades to come.


Accountability and getting to the finish line

  • This is not just the perfect time frame but we also have 3 weekly calls to truly help you stay on track and not get lost or demotivated.

  • When we start out we set clear expectations and we will both work hard to get those all met.

  • You won’t lose your way as Christine will tell you if there are holes in your plan or if it plainly doesn’t make business sense

This is hence an investment that is an absolute no brainer to move your business forward and make sure you are not spending more time on it than necessary.


This isn’t about teaching.

  • You are not a beginner and I am not a teacher. This is about working together and taking advantage of my vast experience with different businesses, tech and my own projects like my podcast, my 2 published books, TedX talk, turning my business into a franchise and selling it and much more.

  • We will discuss and create clear anchors and I will help implement and direct your team as much as I can.

  • We both like experiences with a special touch. The little luxuries in life. I will help you create that extra client experience in your business without being tacky.

Once we are done, you will have the best business possible that your clients and team will adore.

You’re perfect for this if…

  • You don’t have enough time in a day because of your client load
  • You are out of the “need to make it work” phase and you are in the “finally want to improve what I can” phase
  • You are excited about efficiency and also enjoy the finer things in life

You might not be a good fit if…

  • You are still trying to figure out where your next clients might come from

  • You still have a lot of money mindset work ahead

  • You are completely tech illiterate and have no team or can’t afford a freelancer to help you


Fire away…

This is for artists, service providers, brick and mortar stores,… so a huge variety.

The only business I don’t cater for are drop shipping enterprises.

Send me a message before purchasing to verify you qualify.

When we start we will create and discuss clear KPIs and expectations.

I am a super straightforward and honest person and will communicate as soon as something feels off and I expect the same from my clients.

The KPIs will help us achieve our goals.
Should we realise that it isn’t a good fit between us then I will refund you everything minus my hourly rate for any calls we’ve already had.

I don’t really like people in general. And in order to make sure I can be truly focused and perform to my best abilities I cannot schedule more than 9 calls a week.

You will get your very own podcast feed that will not publicly appear on any podcast platform and which is only accessible for selected and authorized people.
The feed is entirely customized to you and the other 2 entrepreneurs who have joined and serves as a refresher of the most important insights and also helps you to get inspired and learn from the other two businesses.

Not everyone needs support in between sessions. Hence they are for those who prefer a bit more “hand-holding” or accountability.

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