5 PR tips for Online Business Owners

5 PR tips for online business owners




Today we are going to talk about 5 tricks that I use to get Public Relations (PR) or to build my public relations portfolio. As you know,

public relations (PR) or media exposure

is one of the five pillars of the impact with integrity method because it simply gives you credibility much quicker than anything else. It gives you a new audience a lot quicker than just posting on social media to the same audience over and over again. I’ve found it's helped me to propel my personal business so much quicker than if I had not included this piece. Obviously, getting more exposure also means higher ranking on Google, which is ultimately where most of your clients will find you as an online business.

Content Creation

My first trick. If you've read my piece on content creation ( I also have a masterclass on it), then you will know that I have a very simple process that involves one piece of content in every different form. One of them is a blog. 

In order to get more exposure on that, you can simply connect your blog to Medium. Medium is a blogger platform, and it has a lot of reach, a lot of clout, and a lot of people are using it. The more regularly you use it, the more exposure you get, and the more they will favor you. There are some extensions that let you automatically post to Medium, but if you don’t want to use those, a simple copy/paste will do. It's free to sign up and it's great to use.

If you want more traffic and you want Medium to showcase you more, you can even publish it on your Facebook profile or Instagram and say, “Hey, head over to Medium and give me a clap.” That's basically like a thumbs up on Facebook. The more claps you have, the more exposure you will get from Medium itself. It's something that will help you a lot. It will also help you to rank higher on search results. You’ll be more likely discovered by clients or by agents who are looking for experts in different domains, or for brand collaborations, and so forth. 


My second trick. Hashtags, especially on Instagram, are very easy and great to use because you have PR agencies looking for experts with them all the time. That's wherein the trick lies. I used the hashtag #sleepexpert quite a bit when I was more active with Sleep Like a Boss, and it definitely helped people who were looking for sleep experts to find me. Your clients will not necessarily use that word, but trust me, agents and marketing people who are looking for collaboration or experts in their domain for their company blog, for example, will look for exactly that. Just use your niche plus “expert” as a hashtag, and it will help you to be more searchable for a brand to start a collaboration with you and it will get you exposure that way.

Guest Blog Posts

My third trick. Guest posts can be on public blogs, like MindBodyGreen, or on financial blogs like Entrepreneur. If you know someone who's a contributor there, then that would be a great piece. But it could also be small blogs. It could literally be collaborations with people who do something similar to you, but you write a piece of content for them on how their niche is connected to what you do. Let's say I write something on sleep, and a friend of mine is a thyroid coach or a Hashimoto's coach. It would be great to exchange blog posts. I could publish something on how sleep and thyroid are connected on her blog, and she could do exactly the same on my blog. It helps to have those organic backlinks. It's not something sleazy.

Another way that you could do it instead of just writing one piece would be to do an interview with each other and then publish it, likewise, so that both of you have your links on your blog.

Guest blog posts don't always have to be for the big media houses; they can also be smaller ones, but it's still PR, and it still helps.

I've been talking about a service called HARO a lot, and it stands for Help a Reporter Out. It is where reporters who are writing articles, post queries for experts to pitch in and answer. When I started using it four years ago, it was a secret. Nobody knew about it. When you replied to some journalists looking for an expert, the chances that you'd get picked were pretty high. Now, since the secret is out of the bag, it's a lot tougher to get the gig or to become the expert that journalists there are looking for.

Source Bottle

My fourth trick is an alternative to HARO, which is just as popular but with a bit of a twist, is Source Bottle Australia. In Australia, you have the same names – Vogue Australia, Marie Claire…. you have all of these big names, but Australia is obviously a much smaller market. When they post (and it's exactly the same kind of system as HARO), your chances to be picked are still a lot higher because not as many people use that platform. (That's a little insider tip of mine!)

Pitch Method

My fifth trick. Pitch! Literally, write your outline and pitch what you want to write to different outlets. I definitely recommend that you have a look at my interview with Nick Wolny, who is the absolute expert on this topic. He will walk you through exactly how you can do that and the different ways of pitching or content writing for that. It's a bit more work, but as I always say, put three months of consistency into it and it will pay off.

So, as a quick recap:

  1. Use Medium. Just copy/paste your blog onto Medium.
  2. Use the hashtag “[yourniche]expert.”
  3. Do guest posts on big blogs, but also on small collaborations – people who have maybe a smaller following, but an engaged community.
  4. Use Source Bottle.
  5. Use the traditional pitch method.

Those are all the public relations tips,  I want to leave you with today, and hopefully, they will pay off for you. Let me know if you've had success or if you have any further questions.

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