Surely there’s a business coach out there somewhere who can help you build a profit-pumping business without shoving another blueprint down your throat?

Newsflash: she’s not out there somewhere, she’s right here.

Hi! I’m Christine Hansen, founder of Sleep Like A Boss and Christine Means Business.

A 'lil bit about me

Now, I won’t shove a blueprint down your throat, but . . .

I’m not the kind to beat around the bush, so let’s say it like it is. You want to make a B-I-G impact on the world, and you want to do it with integrity, but you want to make a ton of money while you’re at it. 

You’re also the kind of woman I work best with.

Why? Because:

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I’ve been in your shoes

Fighting off the judgement from others while searching for the answers.

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I’ve found the answers

And demonstrated what’s possible by growing my own a wildly successful business in the health + wellness industry.

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