Surely there’s a business coach out there somewhere who can help you build a profit-pumping business without shoving another blueprint down your throat?

Newsflash: she’s not out there somewhere, she’s right here. Hi! I’m Christine Hansen, founder of Sleep Like A Boss and Christine Means Business. 

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Now, I won’t shove a blueprint down your throat, but . . .

I’m not the kind to beat around the bush, so let’s say it like it is. You want to make a B-I-G impact on the world, and you want to do it with integrity, but you want to make a ton of money while you’re at it. 
> You’re a woman who’s stubborn and refuses to settle for less than what she deserves. Can I get a hell YES? Because you didn’t leave a traditional career and secure salary to jump into bed with financial anxiety and imposter syndrome.
> You’re a woman who wants to give to causes close to her heart at the same time as spoiling her loved ones and spoiling herself. Guilt-free. Hey, the more wealth you create for yourself, the more you can give to others. 
> You’re a woman who has something to prove to those friends and family members who think that her business is more of an “expensive hobby” and who is prepared to do whatever it takes to show them what she’s truly made of. 
You’re also the kind of woman I work best with. Why? Because:
1) I’ve been in your shoes, fighting off the judgement from others while searching for the answers

2) I’ve found the answers and demonstrated what’s possible by growing my own a wildly successful business in the health + wellness industry

3) I’ve always known my success was inevitable, just like you know yours is, and I loooove being able to show women how to reach it quicker simply by playing smarter 
From struggling to shift low-cost packages to selling £10k VIP days
Like you, I’ve never been afraid to invest in my personal development and my business. But, like you, I’ve been burned by a couple of investments that didn’t bring me the return promised. One of those was a (gulp) £20k mastermind which I paid for out of the last of my savings. < Do not recommend this 😬
The methods taught were pretty generic, and even though I implemented them as instructed, they didn’t work for my business. Not because I was a special snowflake LOL, but because the generic business-building strategies and marketing tactics taught didn’t translate into the health + wellness industry. 

The uncomfortable webinar formulas…

The pushy email sequences…

The expensive software…
It wasn’t right for Sleep Like A Boss! So I couldn’t attract decent clients who I knew I could help, I couldn’t cover my bills without worrying about where money to cover the next ones would come from, and relationships with my family members suffered. (I definitely couldn’t buy the Louis Vuitton handbag or trip to the states 🤣)
That’s when I decided to ditch the “rulebook” and create my own. I got super strategic and started approaching business in a completely different way from what everyone else seemed to be preaching. 
First of all, I stopped being scared of the numbers and faced them like a lioness. Turns out, the more familiar I was with my finances, the more money I made. (It’s why knowing your numbers is a fundamental part of the way I coach my clients.)
Then, I got support with my messaging and copy and created a professional website. If I wanted to be seen as a premium service provider (and charge accordingly), I needed to communicate like one.
Once that was solid, I implemented a content flow (the one I now teach) that brought the perfect people to my virtual home. And in that content, I showed up as ME instead of a watered-down, censored, “expected” version that excited approximately zero potential clients. 
Soon enough, I was attracting exactly who I wanted to be working with and charging £10k for a VIP day. (That’s ONE day!) 
Finally, I was earning healthily and making Impact with Integrity, and that has become my holistic business coaching philosophy. (Strictly not a blueprint.)  
When you know what you’re doing and you ACT like it, you can charge what you want. And I’d love to show you how you can use my way to do it your way. 
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I've been walking the talk for a while and here is a little feedback from people I have worked with and mentored.

Jessica Rojas

"She takes it personally, it's not just business for her, but I can really see she's involved and she wants us to set up for success."

testimonial for christine hansen by kelly murray

Kelly Murray

"Christine really helped us to flesh out our business and we spent a lot of time creating copy and I actually hired a copywriter for my current business previously, spent thousands of dollars and months on creating copy for my website, which I love, but I was able to accomplish the same thing with Christine and just a few one-on-one sessions."

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