Kerstin Martin is the leading Squarespace expert and authorized trainer who started her own business in her 50s. Her popular online courses have helped more than 1500 beginner and advanced users build beautiful websites, e-courses, and thriving businesses with Squarespace.

She's also the creator of the Eule planner which is an analog business planner specifically designed for digital entrepreneurs. As an HSP and empath, Kerstin approaches business in a calm and gentle manner. Providing great service, delivering high-quality content and training is at the core of everything she does. Originally from Germany, she lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and fluffy grey cat.

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Kerstin refers to herself as an accidental entrepreneur. After her career in the corporate world and working in many different industries, she began designing websites for some of her friends in 2014. She’s been a blogger since 2005 and was always redesigning her own website. She soon realized that she could turn her passion into a profitable business. She designed websites for quite a few years and then started offering online courses. Recently, she’s exclusively been doing online courses. 

The Eule Planner

Kerstin’s second passion is her Eule planner. Eule, meaning owl in German, is dedicated to her mother who was the first online entrepreneur in their family. It is an analog business planner specifically designed for digital entrepreneurs. As a “journaling” type of person, Kerstin has been using planners for years. Over the years, she developed her own system with different graphs and charts, but she found she never had enough room in her planner for her notes and for her charts. And so she'd use two journals each year. Soon the thought came up “Why don't I design my own?” and a few weeks later, she was holding her planner in her hands.

All things Squarespace – How to build your website

Squarespace is known for two things:

  • having stylish and elegant designs
  • being out of the box, and offering user-friendly solutions.

You can dive right into the templates and basically make it your own. Their new version, 7.1 makes building a website much faster and much more intuitive. They have amazing help pages as well as a customer support team that you can contact 24/7 via email or a live chat. Squarespace does a really great job in order for you to build your own website, should you not have the budget for a designer. If you do hire a designer Squarespace is also going to make it easier for you to maintain your website. 

Kerstin's Squarespace website design tips:

  • Don't be afraid to play around with colors, with images, with fonts. Make the template your own!
  • Use high-quality images, especially in banners. (Squarespace has a built-in library of stock photos that are completely free)
  • Take advantage of design elements and make it visual. Use columns, use bullet points, use images to break up long pieces of text
  • Don’t use fonts that are too small or too light, it will make it harder for your audience to read your content

SEO (search engine optimization) on your website

A very important element for your website and your business, in general, is SEO. SEO is not something that happens overnight.

Always look at your SEO configurations and settings. You can add SEO specific things for each of your pages, for each of your blog posts or products. You have a good degree of control over what the search result looks like. An important part of SEO are of course your keywords.

Kerstin’s main advice here is not to use keyword stuffing, where you have your page description stuffed with keywords. It doesn't really make sense and more importantly, you can get penalized by Google. Use your keywords in your main headline. Kirsten's tip: build your content naturally instead of building it on keywords. That will slowly bring out the keywords that you need for your audience to find you.

Google likes active websites, which is why blogging is one of the best things you can do for SEO.

Having said all that, always keep in mind that your website should be a reflection of you and where you are in your life and your business. Infuse the website with your personality. Put yourself into your website, because that's what people will respond to.

For more amazing free resources visit Kerstin Martin's website and you can connect with Kerstin on Instagram or on Facebook.

- Christine
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