“Being yourself” is not easy!

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Be paid for being yourself…sounds so easy right?⁣

This photo was part of my first photoshoot for Sleep Like A Boss.⁣

⁣This is what I thought I had to look like at the time. My idea of a successful woman in corporate rocking the Karen Millen attire (don’t get me wrong, I do rock that dress).⁣

However, did I ever wear that said dress for work? No way! I was never in that world.

I had an idea of what it was and because I wanted to work with those clients I wanted to dress like them even if I can’t walk in my heels for more than 30 minutes tops (even less ever since my feet have become wider after my pregnancy 6 years ago…).⁣

This lady in the picture, even though she’s looking great *humble brag* is not me!⁣

If I look into my wardrobe now, my clothes are nothing like that. The dress is still there and I wear it for keynotes if the event calls for it but honestly… not even sure I will even for that in the future.⁣

Being yourself isn’t easy 

It means opening yourself up for criticism in all your vulnerability. But it is the way to go because now the people that connect with you do so for the right reasons and neither you nor they will be disappointed when you then get to know and work with each other. On the contrary, it will be an absolute joy!

Lesson learned, one of many ⁣

If you want to learn even more about what I have learned in the past and now regard as absolutely essential to run a successful and sustainable business with your soul and values then register for my upcoming free masterclasses.⁣

Former 2016 Christine recommends it.⁣

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