You are allowed to change your mind⁣

you are allowed to change your mind

You are allowed to change your mind! Oh, that was a tough lesson to adapt to. I grew up hearing phrases like: you have to finish what you started! Giving up is for losers! 

I am condoning being unreliable and disrespectful.⁣ However, a lot of the time we need to try things on for size before we can decide whether we like something or not or whether it is indeed what we expected or not.⁣

This is true for job choices, partner choices even but also smaller things like software, education, techniques and strategies, and so forth.⁣

I am begging you: do not be scared to switch course if your gut tells you that this isn’t right for you. Sure you can give it more time but be certain how long or if you are paying for something have a clear budget and cut-off line.⁣

We all learn by experience and sometimes things that we thought were awesome at first turn out to not resonate with us anymore after time. Maybe because we changed or they changed or we just got to know them better.⁣

That is totally fine! 💕⁣

Share your experiences but in the end it is all personal and to each their own and something that might not be right for you might be right for them. It is not your job to make decisions to please others. Nor should anyone expect that of you.⁣

Shine on my friend. Lots of love 💕⁣

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