Comfort zone and alignment

Comfort zone and Alignment

Let’s talk about the meaning of leaving your “comfort zone” versus being in misalignment.⁣

⁣I will be the first to tell you that you have to leave your comfort zone at some point in business. ⁣

Most of the time this has to do with our mindset and our willingness to become more public, be seen and heard by more people, etc⁣

  • It can also mean investing in our business and ourselves.⁣
  • It can also be raising our prices.⁣
  • It can mean getting away from swipe copy to actually expressing our true opinions and most vulnerable thoughts…⁣

Those are all great things to do and they help us grow, show our true selves, and grow our business.⁣


⁣How do I make the difference with misalignment? When it doesn’t feel good or comfortable doesn’t that mean it isn’t aligned with me?⁣

⁣I am honestly not sure I can completely answer that question so here is what it means to me:

⁣Alignment to me is acting in harmony with my core values and with dignity.⁣

That means for example that I am willing to try reels and serve as best as I can through them but there is no way in hell that you will see me do a stupid dance while pointing at speech bubbles.⁣ That goes against my personal dignity. This does not mean that I judge people who do it (unless I see them cringing on the inside because they clearly feel uncomfortable… then a bit of judgment might be happening.)⁣

So next time you feel that pang of discomfort when it comes to doing something, center yourself and ask yourself whether it is your comfort zone or alignment.⁣

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