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No magic solutions. Just the tools you need to define success your own way. Christine packs her own experience and interviews with experts into quick aha-moments you'll want to reference at every stage of your business.
Martha Bitar
CEO of Flodesk
"We mean Business" is a comprehensive and hands-on bible on how to manage all aspects of a business successfully. It covers the entire value chain of a company, from branding to search engine optimization to pricing. One unique aspect is the detailed inclusion of people aspects, like client and HR management. A must-read for any entrepreneur, CEO, or manager.
Michael Haenlein
Professor at ESCP Business School and Chair in Responsible Research in Marketing at University Liverpool Management School

The online business world is full of secrets. And it feels like the keys to success are kept behind a velvet rope.

You want the answers, but outdated blog posts and podcasts by loud marketers focusing on hype and hustle instead of strategy and substance don’t really appeal to you. If you want to grow a business that works for you, consider the velvet rope lifted.

Christine Hansen found out the hard way (after making some sketchy business investments and spending “vacations” hunched over her laptop instead of relaxing at a swim-up bar) that most entrepreneurs are more likely to burn out than reach 6-figures.

In We Mean Business, Christine shares her experience growing two successful online businesses, lessons learned coaching others, and insights gathered from other industry experts (you will actually meet and learn from some of them right here in these pages!).

We Mean Business is not another book about the philosophy of online business. It’s equal parts brain and soul, and it includes hands-on exercises to help you reach your goals faster and easier.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Practical business strategies for sustainable growth
  • Mindset tips and tools to help you bust through your internal blocks
  • Branding tips to help you magnetically attract soulmate clients
  • Marketing strategies that let you work smarter, not harder
  • Financial best practices so you can face the numbers and run a profitable business

If you’re ready to grow an online business full of purpose, pleasure, and profit, Christine is here to guide you through every possible step. And with her no-nonsense approach, she won't hold back a single detail on your road to success.

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