Why your own experiences and investments matter when selling high-end





I believe investing is a character trait. 

Today I want to talk about investing. I'm very much aware that this is a topic that has been talked about a lot, especially when you are in the online world. It's all about reading sales pages and investing six to seven figures in order to be successful. 

Know What Is High-End…And What Is Not

There are a lot of things here that just don't sit well with me. So, today I want to talk about investing in a way that maybe refers to how I feel when I do it, and to explain what it can release in you when you cherish what your money is getting you. 

I've already talked about this a little bit in terms of don't just charge “high end” and think that just because you've charged a lot of money for it, it is actually worth more – because it's not. (if you want to hear more on this, make sure you tune into “Why you shouldn't just sell High-Ticket”) I think a lot of people are simply overcharging. 

On the other hand, when the value corresponds, investing into something is the most amazing feeling in the world. And here is why I believe it is a character trait. I was not raised to be lavish on spending money. I think I was rather raised to not even appear to have too much money and to stay humble because it was “weird” to show beautiful things. But it's not in my nature. My nature is actually to invest quite readily, whether it is in the stock market, or whether it is in products or services. I have never been afraid to invest. I've been disappointed more than a few times but I've also invested in things where I knew I would get quality. You already heard me referring to Hermès a few times and that is because it's still a family business that’s been going on for years and years and it's always been high-quality. I have never been disappointed with them. You just feel it, when you pick it out. Everything is a pristine experience, whether you buy it through their online store or whether you walk into a brick and mortar store. It's a whole experience and I am not afraid to part with my hard earned money. Because I know what I get in return I will love and cherish forever.

investments matter when selling high-end

Know What Their Expectations Are

The same is true when I invest in coaching services. I have been wrong. I have done investments that did not pan out the way I wanted to. But I also have done them where they're just perfect. I rarely have buyer's remorse. I only have that when it turns out that the deliverables weren't delivered. And whereas in the past, I might not have said something, now I do. Now when I am in a service and it is not delivered, I am speaking up, I will make an official report or an official claim and if nothing happens, I go to Google and I leave my review there. Because I cherish the exchange of money. I cherish the money that I'm getting from my clients and I also understand what it means to part with that money. 

If you've never flown business class, you don't quite understand the price point. It's difficult to understand why people would pay that amount… until you try it. If you've never stayed in a five-star hotel, it's difficult to understand the price point… until you try it. 

In addition to that,  it's also difficult to understand the different levels of expectations people can have. If you've never been in touch with that, it can be difficult to gauge what you're charging for and what they expect. The same is true for user experience and client experience. In general, if I, as a client, have to jump through hoops in order to get something done, it really ticks me off. So one of my specialties is really to go through businesses and make suggestions and say – this is tedious for your client, you can do this tweak and this tweak – and this will get you to a  different level where you will either surprise clients and they will get more than expected or where they will get what I expected versus thinking they paid too much.

Know What You Don’t Know 

You really have to be aware of this. The most dangerous state is: you don't know what you don't know, and you're fine with it. That doesn't mean that you need to be staying in 5-star hotels or flying business class everywhere you go, but if you want the best for your clients, then gauge where you are in the playing field, and know what is expected of you. And if you don't have those experiences, then know that and just know where you are at. 

I know that I can come across as opinionated and arrogant in that way, but my point is that it is about knowing what you don't know. I absolutely respect that. What I don't respect is people sticking a “high-end label” on something that actually is not and thinking that because they claim it is, it pulls its weight. That's not how it works. It really isn't. 

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