Email Marketing Basics for online coaches

Email Marketing Basics for online coaches




Let's have a look at Email Marketing Basics for online coaches.

You might hear people saying that email is dead, (me being one of them to some extent). But, I want to explain to you why you still should care about it, and why it is worth putting some work into it.

I know that Instagram influencers are really, really tempting and you can get real followers pretty quickly. You have interactions, and yes, you can absolutely sell through social media. I will explain more about how to do that at a later point. But what is really important for you to understand is that all of those followers, all of those page-likers, aren't yours to keep. They belong to Facebook. Instagram belongs to Facebook. Facebook belongs to Facebook.

So all of those followers can be taken away from you at any given moment. There have been more Instagram accounts shut down than I can count. The same applies to LinkedIn accounts. Many accounts have been shut down there as well. So nothing is really yours, except your email list. That belongs to you.

Email Marketing Basics for online coaches

That is why your goal should always be to get people on your list and then to sell them from your list into your services. Of course, you should still sell on social media, but it's a different process.

  • How do we get people on our email list?

5 to 10 years ago, which would be the mid-2000s, people were still happy to sign up for newsletters. They were still happy to give their email addresses to pretty much everyone who wanted them. But now, we get inundated and flooded by email. People are much more reluctant to give that email address away. It has to be a decision where they are like, “Okay, I really have to get something in return” in order for me to give you that email address “to have you in my inbox”. 

  • How do you do that transaction?

Just asking them for their email address is not going to be enough. You will want to give them something of value in return. And that's when we talk about something called an opt-in, a free course, a lead magnet, or a squeeze. There are different words for it but it's always the same thing. People come to your website (we're going to talk about how you get that done later on in my course) and you will then have an enticing gift for them, which you won't charge money for, but the currency is going to be their email address. That can range from checklists, a meditation, or a quick guide. Something that is easy to understand, but has an amazing value. After that, they will be in your system.

You want to seduce them. You really want them to get to know you, and there's no better place than your inbox. Statistics have actually shown that people still like to be sold on email, it's what they expect to happen.

First, I tell them my story. I want to connect with them. And after that, I tell them how they can work with me or how they can purchase programs that I created for them. This is all a strategy that you need to put in place. Everything has to be well thought of, and the content of that should also be something that's very authentic to you.

Make sure that you nail your brand. If you haven't read about branding yet, check out this blog post or sign up for my Masterclass 1. Without the branding information, everything is just a little confusing. Once you have that in place, you will nurture them through that to go to your offer and then hopefully have them work with you and create wonderful results together.

In order for that to happen, you need to organize your work. I have created a worksheet, a little cheat sheet for you on internet marketing. You can download it below. Answer the questions and then you will have an idea of what your structure will look like.

I hope Email Marketing Basics for online coaches was helpful. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

- Christine
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