not a conference, not a summit, not a bootcamp... Welcome to the

The 3 Day Digital Escapade
NEW DATE: 28th - 30th JULY

an event unlike any you have attended so far . . . promise

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It's time!

Let's reclaim exquisite time JUST for you and your business

(no toddler disruptions, no crazy inner voices tripping you up, no course binging overwhelm).


It's time for you to reap the rewards from your hustle, your years of work so that you can finally live the life you started this for 

*with soul clients, 
*loads of time off, 
*traveling (I have been to Venice, St Tropez, Aruba and several cities in Germany even during the pandemic because I cannot stay still), 
*buying what you fancy, have a purpose 
*and waking up every day grateful for the life you created with your inner imposter released from his/her duties.


YOU ARE NOT A NEWBIE! But not quite where you want to be. Here is why:


You have been in da biz for a while but feel just a tad stuck ( I know…very uncomfortable to admit). 

Maybe it is because growth is stagnating and you don't know how to exactly streamline processes, handle a team and restructure to be more productive while working less.

Maybe it is because you want to be ready but your inner alter ego isn't…and self-sabotage? It is very real and it is holding you back.


This event is about brain and heart.


This is all about an easier process, with more roi (leading to spoiling yourself and your loved ones with gifts like a beautiful diamond ring for your birthday to yourself like moi this year maybe?) and MORE JOY and fun and efficiency.




If you are craving actually connecting with kindred spirits, other women who are building and growing their businesses like you, leaving their ego outside and meeting up for drinks, a good time that at the same time provides intelligent conversations, growth tips and strategy for you to enjoy then you've come to the right place.

This is an online event that won't make you feel even more overwhelmed (versus 468 interviews in 4 days or so much homework that you want o vomit and get analysis paralyses by the end of it) then YES this is for you!


No death by powerpoint: guaranteed!


This all 5 senses (yes, including touch, taste and smell!) encompassing escapade will be amazing helping you getting awesome results whilst having fun, feeling safe and like a real person!!!



27th - 30th JULY 2021
Pre-check in JULY 27th
event July 28th, 29th & 30th

From 5pm-9pm CET Daily
11Am-15PM EST

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Day one

Identifying the gaps

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Day Two

Delegate like a boss

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