The True Importance Of Clarity With Sue Lundquist

The true importance of clarity




Do you know what your values are as an entrepreneur? Do you have clarity around how you show up in your business? 

If you take a look at my Instagram page, and you scroll down quite a bit, you will see me in a suit, with my hair and make-up done, very businesswoman-like. These photos were taken when I first started my entrepreneurial journey and the reason I presented myself that way was because I thought that I wanted to attract clients like that. Today? Today, I don’t care what other people want or don’t want to see.

So, ask yourself are you showing up authentically in your business or are you showing up in a way you think you should? 

Having clarity around this is crucial for your business and this is one of the reasons I was so excited to welcome Sue Lundquist to our Christine Means Business Podcast. 

Sue is a multi-faceted Dynamo. She is a successful Business owner, Intuitive Clarity Coach, life-changing Workshop Leader, Author, Transformational Traveler, and a Radio host who has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders and inspiring minds. Sue’s superpower is her unique ability to bridge Spirituality with Practicality. This is accomplished through her Signature Set of Transformational Tools, which is her unique curriculum for teaching and showing people their own power and confidence and making this change stick!

Get clear on your business culture

According to Sue, one of the best things you can do for your business is to get really clear on the culture you want in your business and your personal code of conduct (PCC). Once you have these, then you can show up authentically in your business.

It all starts with having awareness. If you want your world to change, if you want your life to change, if you want your business to change, you have to change. That means, first, having a big awareness, then having that massive clarity and education around the clarity, and finally that all leads to the transformation.

You don’t know what you don’t know, so when you’re stepping into that next stage of entrepreneurship, you need to leave your ego aside. You need to look at things from a standpoint of curiosity and not ego. But this can only happen if you have a strong foundation, meaning you’re clear on your culture and your PCC. Because your choices will be based on both of these and that will set the stage for your success. 

When she works with her clients, Sue usually starts with some breathing exercises to calm their nervous system, because if they’re in a “fight or flight” state, then they can’t communicate effectively.  Next, they have conversations about how they want to show up as a business owner and she makes sure that they write down all the things that they want (and don’t want) in their business so that they can incorporate that into their culture and their PCC. 

Gratitude and appreciation

Another thing that Sue emphasizes in working with her clients is gratitude and appreciation. Having gratitude and appreciation, both for yourself and for those around you opens new pathways and new ways of communicating and it also changes your essence. You become more patient, you become combined with a clarity of who you are, what your values are and it allows people to see who you are immediately and that saves time and gets rid of confusion. Remember, it's not your job to find clients, it's your job to shine your light for the right people to find you, and that will happen so much faster if you do these things. 

Going through a transformation can be scary. Your nervous system likes to remind you of the fear in the past, so when you're in a transition when you’re changing, it doesn’t feel right. According to Sue, it's not supposed to feel right, because you don't want the same thing. You want to keep transitioning and moving. As you do that, new neural pathways are firing in your head as they start realigning with the new experiences. Those new experiences in your exterior world will buffer that as you continue to move forward. 

If you want to learn more about Sue, visit Clarity with Sue and connect with her on Instagram

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