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When it comes to your email strategy, you should always be informed about the best practices and strategies that have been proven right time after time. But at the same time, you really have to figure out what you like, what you actually enjoy because you want your copy to be unique to you.

Elegant, clear, delightful, and conversion-optimized Copy

One person who does this amazingly well is Kim Kiel. Kim Kiel is a leading Direct Response Copy Strategist and the Founder of Boutique Copywriting Agency Kim Kiel Copy. With 15+ years of writing multi six-figure campaigns for small businesses and nonprofits, Kim helps brands and experts share their gifts and positive impact with the world. She has a knack for instantly capturing the client's voice. When combined with customer research, persuasion, and sales psychology, the result is elegant copy that’s clear, delightful, and conversion-optimized.

Kim is also the creator of the Money Making Dinner Party Framework for Writing an Email Welcome Sequence, a framework that allows you to stay ethical while doing your marketing the right way.

Change the level of information you share in your emails

When you think of hosting a dinner party, you probably won’t shove all the food to your guests’ faces as soon as they knock on your door. The Money Making Dinner Party Framework for Writing an Email Welcome Sequence consists of several parts and it allows you to space out the information but also to change the level of information and the kind of information that you're sharing in each of your emails:

  • Welcome drink. This is your first email where you deliver the free lead magnet – whatever you're creating in exchange for that person's email. This first email is simply to say thank you for receiving my invitation, here's exactly what you asked for.

Side note: Before you even write the rest of the emails, you need to know where your final action is that you want your person to take. Do you want a new subscriber to book a call with you? Do you want a new subscriber to buy a smaller digital product? Do you want your new subscriber to join your free Facebook community? 

  • Appetizer. This is the email you send the next day where you are welcoming them again. It's a little bit warmer, it's a little bit longer, and you are reminding them of the resource and giving the link again, and then you're just giving them a little introduction to you. You can approach this in two ways: (1) by offering a few different samples: your most popular blog post, most popular podcast episode, your free training, etc; or (2) by helping people have a win from your free resource. 
  • Main Course. This is the email you send 3-5 days later where you show your own authority and present yourself as an expert. You talk about your own journey as a business owner, you might present a case study, or introduce your clients and the transformation that you created for them. There's no ask, you are just delivering value and making them feel welcome.
  • Dessert. This is your final email, again three to five days later, where you're showing social proof. You're painting a picture of what it looks like to work with you on the other side of the transformation people are having from that final offer that you're going to be inviting them to. And so, at the end that email is when you make the ask. 

Keep it simple – Break down your email.

Kim believes that, as human beings, we overthink things and we overanalyze. So her advice is to keep it simple. 

  • Break down your email 
  • Know what you want to share 
  • Create your intros and outros 
  • Use copywriting formulas. 


The more constraints you put around writing your copy, the better you will write, and the faster you will write. Some of the copywriting formulas that Kim uses are PAS and AIDA. 

  • PAS stands for problem – agitation – solution
  • AIDA stands for attention – interest – desire – action 


Using formulas will help you innovate, write faster and write better.

If you still feel like you need more help with your copywriting, take advantage of Kim’s amazing free checklist that will help you instantly amp up your sales with proven sales copy techniques without paying for a pro.

If you want to find out more about Kim and her Money Making Dinner Party Framework for Writing an Email Welcome Sequence, visit her website or connect with her on Facebook and Instagram. 

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