I often see coaches use the 3 following tactics to create and price their packages resulting in really awkward sales conversations:

– comparing themselves to others
– applying the cookie cutter model their coaching school gave them
– going by a traditional hourly rate

None of these are fit for a successful online business nor do they take your persona and background into consideration.

In this training you will get life and business changing information that will change everything.


See you in class -‍-

They are some people's nightmares and other's crack.

Funnels can be super daunting. How long should they be? How do I set them up? What do I say? What does conversion mean? Do I need them? How do people actually get into my funnel? Which tools do I need?

It can be a lot.
So in this masterclass I will guide you through each step with a workbook to help you map out YOUR funnel that you can then go and implement.

Sound good?