Get to know your prosperity key to unlock a money flow with Vivian de Guzman

Get to know your prosperity key to unlock a money flow with Vivian de Guzman




When I  first started my business, I had no idea of the spiritual world. I started with all the marketing and tech stuff, but I kept hearing the word “mindset”  over and over again. At that time, I didn't take it seriously because how is that going to help my bottom line? That had nothing to do with hot core economics. But as I started doing all these different things and making all these adjustments, nothing seemed to work. So, I decided to tap into the spiritual and as I did that, I started to see things turn into place.

Vivian S. De Guzman is a holistic physical therapist, human MRI, speaker, medical and business intuitive success coach. She sees your anatomy and physiology in 5 dimensions (past, present, future, beyond this planet & other time-space reality). She clears invisible blocks/obstacles which leads to accelerated success in money, health and relationships. She is able to see and repair energetic boundaries (physical, emotional, relational and spiritual) so you can say YES/NO with ease and grace.


Your Spiritual Journey


According to Vivian, there are four stages in a spiritual journey:

  1. Awakening. Usually it's in a form of some emergency
  2. Discovery. How can I change?
  3. Surrender. Letting go of things that don't work anymore
  4. Flow. Entering a state free of any blocks 


Vivian uses her knowledge and her intuition, which has obviously proven to be extremely sharp, to help others with money magnetism. She started her journey as a physical therapist, working with many high-profile people. Along the way, she realized that money isn’t just in the physical plane; it's in the emotional plane, it's in the relationships that we have and it's also in the spiritual plane. 


Now, I’m sure we’ve all heard about Human Design, according to which you are either a generator, a manifestor, a reflector or a projector. But what we don’t hear a lot about and what is extremely important is our prosperity key which is also indicated by our personality.


What is your Prosperity Key?

Vivian explains that our prosperity key consists of three numbers XX.Y (for example 41.3). The first number (XX) indicates the gate which expresses our personality when it comes to making money; the number after the decimal point (Y) shows us the best way to become ourselves when it comes to making money. There are six different options for Y:

  1. Simplicity. These people make more money when they simplify things
  2. Recognition. These people have to be recognized and they have to recognize themselves for everything that you've done, in order to make money 
  3. Celebration. These people refuel themselves by celebrating their achievements
  4. Charity. These people make their money back by giving it away to others in need
  5. Power. These people make money by taking on a role, showing up the right way and feeling empowered or you're not leading the way right
  6. Nature. These people make money when they focus on the abundance of nature


Once you know your prosperity key, you’ll be able to stay in your lane without  trying to copy anybody else. Because there is no exact blueprint or an exact funnel that works for everyone, you need to find your own way to success and your prosperity key can help you do just that.  

If you want to learn more, visit Vivian’s website or connect with her on Instagram or Facebook.

Vivian is also offering you a Free Grounding video which will allow you to align your mind, body, soul, and spirit so that you feel balanced, grounded and connected to the divine. 

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