Why I am not great with group coaching programs⁣

Why I am not great with group coaching programs

… at the moment. It hasn’t always been that way. And maybe you’ll recognize yourself in my story.⁣

When I started out with my business I was in a LOT of group programmes… like tonnes, and I did interact, etc. and I have to say it was really, really rewarding.⁣

The people I connected with then are still in my sphere and years afterward I am still in touch with them and collaborate through interviews etc. etc. or even work or hire them.⁣

However, as I have grown in my business things have changed. I have changed.⁣

To be honest I just don’t have the mind space to interact in groups or to even check in regularly. And then the excuse of “well the others will be on the call so I’ll play truant” is just way too tempting and I don’t show up a lot. (It doesn’t help that those calls are mainly after 6 pm my time because they are US time and I am just tired… excuses, excuses I know, I know).⁣

Ultimately though I still love being coached and getting support. But I now totally admit that I prefer private coaching.⁣

I need the accountability and I love having a personal, private conversation and bespoke strategies.

There is something to be said for groups, and I will actually launch a mini group programme soon, BUT I have decided that I won’t join any as a participant for the time being.⁣ I am happy with that because even though they are much cheaper usually than private coaching, through the fact that I don’t take advantage of them it’s still money out of the window.⁣

What about you? How’s your vibe around that?

- Christine
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