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For yourself and your business or showing a loved one that support and believe in them.

Hark! The status quo right now is just making you itch!

Do you know you have something amazing to offer but are overwhelmed to get it started or you are just not as fulfilled as you thought you'd be?

And you know that when selling something, you can damn well deliver!

(So you already have piles of success stories.)

And sure, you’ve got some money coming in….

Just not the kind of money that matters—That delicious profit.

Any of this ringing a bell 🔔 ?

  • You are known to overdeliver and whilst you love it is also starting to drain you because you only have so many hours in a day
  • You and your business are here to make a true impact, you truly believe that and it is the motor behind your drive
  • You have so much more to give but honestly you don't really know where to take the time or energy from
  • You are wearing all the hats. You obviously serve your clients but you are also the finance, tech, marketing, etc department
  • You are realising that you are getting more and more often frustrated because you KNOW you have so much more to give through your vehicle: your business
You’re giving sooo much to your clients, but what about you?

This is where I come in!

It is time to give up the blood, sweat & Tears regime

There is an easier way: Let me show you how 💕

I know ... because I used to be you

Hey I'm Christine Hansen

Believe me I hadn't figured it out from the start and here is what I've learned:

Developing my 2 businesses has been a learning experience

But today I refuse to be anyone but 100% myself, every step of the way.

Here is my ethos:

I stand for businesses who have a higher purpose, who crave authentic marketing and who relish in redistributing their delicious profits to a higher cause.

Are you ready to become a successful force of positive change with me?

Because what I most want you to know is that you CAN:

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WoRK half as much

I will help you from the start to get ready to outsource and to grow comfortably with a business you love and not a business monster you'll hate

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make twice as much

Oh yes we shall have a lot of money conversations. We'll crunch your numbers, check out your ego and your fragile inner child and mindset, gently yet firmly.

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