How do I brand my business?

How do I brand my business?




Let's have a look at branding. How do I brand my business? 

I recently did a survey on my Instagram stories, and I asked my people if they could have one of my masterclasses for free, which one that would be. Branding was the most requested topic! 

So, I felt propelled to do a blog post a bit more in-depth. Everyone desperately needs a brand, especially if you are in a service-based industry.

So what does that mean?

Very often we think of branding as really cold, sterilized in terms of very organized, and we think that it needs to be corporate looking. But it doesn't. What branding basically means is that it represents parts of you. This is important to understand.

A brand is not all of you. A brand is part of you that you connect with your business.

How do I brand my business?

So in order to do that, you actually need to:

  1. Figure out who you are. Often we think we know but sometimes we're not that sure.
  2. Figure out what your values are. That is super important!
  3. What your promises are towards your prospective clients?
  4. Figure out what your tone is. How do you speak to people? Sometimes we are not the most objective, so ask others. Ask them if you talk to me or if you were to describe me in three words, what would those words be? And sometimes it's quite surprising what comes out of them.
  5. What is your aesthetic?
  6. What are your favorite colors? What is your color palette?
  7. What kind of fonts represent the way that you talk?
  8. What do you want your digital home to look like?

Those are questions that are really important to answer because when someone comes to your website, then they need to know who they deal with. Because we are inviting them to work with us that is an exchange of trust.

Hopefully, you will have packages that will be worthwhile and you also charge accordingly. If you want to know more about that, then go to my masterclass about numbers and packages. In order for them to trust you with their hard-earned cash, they need to know that you're the real deal, and they need to connect with you.

If they don't, that's fine too. Why? Because working with them would most likely have become frustrating and it just wouldn't have turned out the way you had wanted to. It would also impact the results of that person. So it's essential that your brand is really clear and really honest about who you are, and non-apologetic about that.

In the end, we work with people, we want them to trust us and either way, we are who we are.

We don't sell a product that we can style a certain way. We are us. Our brand, our service is us. It can be a bit daunting. What if they don't like me? What if they don't like that I'm a little messy and not the most elegant of people? What if they don't want that? Well, guess what? You'll have lots of people who are more down to earth, don't like elegant at all, or who like a little chaos.

It's totally up to you as long as you can clearly weave that into your value and your promises of delivering an amazing result for your client.

Obviously don't change yourself for your brand. If you're someone who never swears then don't start cursing while you do videos for online or social media just because you saw someone else do it and you thought that looked authentic. Authenticity is whatever you are. It's just what it is.

So there are different steps to get to that. Personal development is a huge one and then obviously flashing out what all of those different pieces are.

If you want some help with that, download my amazing questionnaire that you can download below for free. Also, check out the different masterclasses that I teach.


I hope How do I brand my business has been helpful to get you going, and I cannot wait to see your mood board or your Pinterest board with what you came up with to represent you and your business.


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