How to be productive in your business with Agnese Rudzate

How to be productive in your business




Productivity and time management is something we should all take into consideration, especially as our business grows.

Agnese Rudzate is a coach specializing in business productivity and time management. With a background in quality management and empowerment coaching, she has turned her passion for organizing into her mission of helping women get more productive in life and business so they could gain more confidence, clarity, and time freedom they deserve. Through structures, systems, and processes that bring results, Agnese teaches her clients to scale in a business while increasing time freedom in her signature program “Less Is More”.

So many of us don’t know where to start when it comes to streamlining our processes and managing our time. You might have built a successful business but if you are working 24/7 that’s not it.

We often don't even realize that something simple as getting rid of clutter from our desk or changing a few things in our process can highly increase our productivity, and our focus, so that we can do more things in less time. According to Agnese, if you want to improve your productivity and your focus, you need to:

  1. Get rid of distractions. This can mean anything – photos of your family, a bag of peanuts on the table, notifications on your phone, etc. You know yourself best and you know what distracts you from your work. Once you get rid of what you don't need, once you get rid of all of those distractions that are taking your focus away, you will get better at doing your actual job in less time.
  2. Know your limitations. You can’t work nonstop and still be productive. Limit yourself to a certain extent and take breaks. Just make sure that you get back to work after 10-15 minutes and don’t end up on your couch binging on Netflix
  3. Take care of yourself. If you want to manage your time better, you want to be productive and conquer the world, you need to take care of yourself. For a lot of people, this seems like going backwards – I need to sleep eight hours, I need a healthy diet, I need to move my body- all of this takes a back seat because business comes first. But how can you really thrive, if you're exhausted and burned out?  

I'm the biggest lazy person ever, and I'm very transparent with that. This is why I structure my business to be lazy because otherwise I won’t like it and I will resent it. And, I’m not lazy on every front, I am very un-lazy when it comes to things that I like doing, but when it comes to things that I really can't be bothered with, it just drains me. A business is so diverse, it's impossible that you like doing everything. This is where delegation comes in. If you outsource the things that you don’t like doing, you will have the positive energy around and you will be able to show up more powerfully.

At this point in my business, my schedule is only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, meaning those days are usually packed, and I get a lot done during those days. When I'm in my office, as soon as I sit down in my office chair, in front of my gian monitor (something I recommend to every business owner) I get things done. Outsourcing is a great  investment for your business. Delegation saves your time and your nerves. Agnese believes that it is important to understand what really brings your business forward and what you value in your business. This is quite a mindset switch and it takes a lot of work, but this is where you need to start. Trusting delegation is something that builds over time, so Agnese always suggests to just start with one small task, and make it as good as it can be according to your standards, and only then keep adding more stuff. One additional tip is to record all your processes early on in your business, create some sort of a manual for new members of your team so that they can catch up fairly quickly and get a much better understanding about your expectations. 

Agnese agreed to share an amazing free gift with you. It's her Three Question Strategy, a short five-minute video where she shares her Three Questions Strategy to get clarity around your business processes. 

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- Christine
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