How to Create Badass Health Coaching Packages that Sell Out

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Amazing Health Coaching Packages

As a new health coach, you are now asking how do I put together an awesome health coach package that benefits my clients and makes a profit? This post will dive into health and wellness coaching packages, how to price your health coach packages and how to increase the value of your health coaching package so that you can charge more.

Types of health coaching packages

Before you create your health coach package you should know the two types that are typically offered.

Health coach package type #1. The first type of health coach package is focused on one result. This means that you teach your clients, impart all your wisdom, share organized templates, ask for homework, and at the end of your course, your client is expected to have successfully reached the desired goal. Whether that is having lost X number of pounds, learned to eat healthier, or started an exercise regiment, once your course is over, your relationship with your client is finite. You can move on to new clients and your graduated clients either stick with what they have learned from you or fall off the wagon.

Health coach package type #2. The other type of health coaching package is to provide support for ongoing results. You provide the same info as the first type of package, i.e., all your researched education, templates, etc. This package sets goals to focus on and follows a timeline, but once the course is over you continue to send support via email or webinars to encourage your client to stick with their results and to offer accountability.

I personally suggest that my coaching clients use this type of coaching package, whether my clients provide business, life, or health coaching. And to be honest, of all the types of coaches I mentor, I find ongoing support for clients of health coaching is the most important because transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is the hardest to maintain.

Offering ongoing support to your clients after the main course is over proves that you care about your clients and you aren’t just another get-skinny-quick scheme, fad diet, or quack coach your client has spent money on.

How to create your health coach package

Ideal client and health coach niche

First niche down to what type of health coaching you will offer to find out who your ideal client is. There are many subgenres that fall under the umbrella of a health coach. Will you offer sleep coaching, fitness coaching, and nutrition coaching? Pinning down the type of health coach package you want to sell your clients will help create the details of your package and cater it to your ideal client.

To target your ideal client, you must learn a few things about your client. It is not enough to only answer broad questions about your ideal client, but also create a fictional ideal client. Give her or him a name. What is her or his age, occupation, and income? What does he or she like to do for fun? Where does he or she vacation? What is his or her health goals? Once you create the type of client you want to serve, this type of client will find you.

What your client wants and needs

Give your ideal client what they want and need. Your client wants an easy workout routine because they need to get in shape. Your client wants easy healthy recipes because they don’t have time to invent meals themselves. Perhaps your client wants to learn how to make healthier lifestyle choices because they need to form better habits. Maybe your client wants to have more energy throughout the day because they need to run their household.

Know what your client wants and needs and offer these solutions in your health coach packages. Providing exactly what your ideal client is searching for will make the decision to work with you easier and attract the types of clients you want to work with.

What solution are you selling? Benefit vs. feature

Sell your clients on the benefits they will receive from your health coaching package. Novice coaches emphasize the features of their coaching packages rather than the benefits, but the benefits are what will ultimately appeal to your client and sell your service. The benefit is how the client’s life will be changed because of the feature.

What do I mean by this?

Feature: My health coach package provides easy healthy recipes to cook for your family.

Benefit: My health coach package will save you time by providing meal prep and plan so that you can spend more time with your family and less time trying to figure out what’s for dinner.

Refer to the examples of what your client wants and needs. What they want and what you offer are the features of your health coach package. What they need is the benefits or solutions, they will receive.

Lay out the process

Your health coaching package should be simple and non-intimidating. Your clients have likely been down the path of get-skinny-quick schemes or fad diets, and you want your health coaching package to offer a simple solution. Explain the process of your course step-by-step so your clients know what to expect and can visualize reaching their goal. If you create a daunting process that is not clearly laid out, your client will be discouraged before you’ve even had a chance to meet with them.

In other words, don’t scare your client off from the get-go. Don’t tell them to join a gym right off the bat. Rather, suggest ways to incorporate meaningful daily movement to their lifestyle. It may be unnerving if you tell clients to give up junk food all at once. Instead, explain how they will gradually eliminate processed food from their diet.

The process is a blueprint for your clients, so they go into your course understanding exactly what to expect and how to reach their goal. Your package should not be a surprise.  

Do you offer extras?

Think of “extras” as the value you offer to your clients. You are not necessarily giving away anything for free, but the value that your health coaching package offers can be marketed as a bonus. Signing up with you will save your client's time so that they don’t have to look up ways to restore their energy or how to choose healthier options when dining out. Your package offers these “extras” at no extra charge.

You can however offer tangible extras and use these extras as selling points. For instance, you can tell potential clients if they sign up with you today, they will get a three-month meal plan rather than say a one-month meal plan. You can promise additional workouts to the client who signs up with you within a limited time.  Everyone loves something a little extra and there are ways to offer these without losing money or making more work for yourself.

How much should you charge for health coaching packages?

There are a few things to keep in mind when pricing your health coaching package, but remember- this is your livelihood and how much you want to make should be the basis of what you charge.

Experience, credentials, and social proof

If you are just starting out in the health coaching realm, chances are you will not have the experience, credentials, or social proof a seasoned health coach boasts. But don’t let this deter you from making the type of money you want to make. You know what your package is worth to your client. You know the value your package promises. You may not have experience under your belt, but you are certified and have the knowledge that your clients seek.

The first time a client completes your health coach package, ask for a testimonial. You can use this to help sell your package and justify your pricing. Testimonials work well on landing pages and in email marketing. Building testimonials is essential to selling your health course and the only way to receive these is to ask for them.

How much are your clients willing to pay?

A lower price does not necessarily mean you will sell more health coach packages. In fact, if you price your package too low, clients may not take your expertise seriously. A higher price demonstrates the value that your package promises. Further, take into consideration what your clients would be willing to pay for the value of your package. If they are willing to pay a high price to learn how to make healthier choices, then why leave money on the table?

The perceived value of your package is what clients will be willing to pay. The value and the benefits that will effectively alter your clients’ lives is what justifies the price of your health coach package.

What is included?

What is included in your package will also justify the price. One-on-one sessions can up the ante drastically. Printable pre-planned grocery lists and recipes are tangible, time-saving products that add value. What is the timeframe of your package and how much researched information is at your clients’ fingertips? Your time, as well as your client's, is relevant and valuable. The time you spend creating and teaching and the time you save your clients should be factored into the price.

How much do you want to make?

Many times, you will be advised to base your pricing on other online health coaches. I firmly believe you should base your prices on what you want to make, or rather, what you need to make. Other health coaches may live in a city that requires greater living expenses or may be supporting a family. Others may live in a rural area that requires little cost of living or be single. It is not wrong to price your package according to what you need to make to live. You need to pay your bills and create a nest egg for yourself. Write out your monthly expenses to determine how many coaching packages you need to sell per month at what price.

Other coaches

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, no two coaches are the same. One health coach’s lifestyle may be completely different than your own, so comparing package pricing may not be the best way to charge your clients. With that said, you may want to do a little research to understand the average cost of health coach packages as a starting base for your own price.

How to increase the value of your coaching package and charge more

There are countless ways you can set your health coaching package apart from others. Offer more tangible items; market your “extras” as what makes your health coach package unique. Provide ongoing support in the form of one-on-one calls, or live Q&A sessions. Create a Facebook community so that your clients can chat and inspire one another. Provide free access to other online courses you offer or create mini-course from time to time and share for free or at a discount for current clients. Allow unlimited access to your course and throw in a freebie here and there. Be present on social media and send newsletters to your clients to keep your presence and relationship strong.

Standing out from the crowd helps to sell your package and encourages clients to want to give testimony and spread the word about how badass your health coach package is.

Should you publish the price of your health coaching packages on your website?

To publish the price or not to publish the price. This is a tricky decision, but there are benefits to being upfront about your price.

  1. You avoid the salesy-ness of telling your client the price. There is no room for negotiating, the client knows what the price is because it is written right there on your website.
  2. It alleviates constant emails asking what the price of your health coaching package is. This is reason enough to go ahead and publish the price.
  3. Posting your prices will attract your ideal client who is willing to pay your price because they see the value of your services.
  4. Posting your price saves the client time from having to contact you, which they likely would put off resulting in a lost client. (And your whole coaching package is about saving your client time, right?!) The price is right there for them to decide if they want to pay thus encouraging them to go ahead and sign up.
  5. Being upfront about the cost builds trust. Your client doesn’t have to ask and feel weird if the price isn’t in their budget. You are being honest with the first big decision the client must make.


For an in-depth look at how to price your coaching package, check out my blog on how to price coaching packages.

Are you ready to create that badass health coaching package and start kicking your clients’ butts into gear? Don’t put it off any longer because your ideal client is waiting for their ideal coach- you!

And if you would like one-on-one coaching to help with your coaching business, email me.

- Christine
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