How to develop consistent content for your business

How to develop consistent content for your business - quickly and easily




When we talk about the impact with integrity method, we talk about creating a brand so that people know exactly who you are. We talk about how you price and package your offers. We talk about email marketing, and one of the five pillars is content creation, because in the end, in order to avoid paying tons and tons of money for people to get to your website, which I never suggest, and I never do, the easiest and the cheapest way and the most dynamic way is to create content.

So let's dive into How to develop consistent content for your business – quickly and easily!

Now a lot of people will roll their eyes because for them content creation means what am I going to create?  followed by oh my God, how am I going to get that up to all those websites and different social media sites? and Do I wanna make videos? Do I want to have a podcast? What do I wanna do?

There are tons and tons of questions that you have ahead of you. Do not panic! I am here to reassure you that it is not complicated. We have the content flow method, in the impact with integrity system. It's basically one piece of content that you create and that goes out to all your social media platforms and to all different platforms where you need it to be.

How to develop consistent content for your business - quickly and easily

Here's the process to how to develop consistent content for your business quickly and easily:

  1. You create one piece of content
  2. Make sure that you get it in written form through transcription so that you can post it on your blog, which is an essential step, and cannot be left out! Google loves blog posts and it's a must. If you don't feel comfortable enough to “Free flow” then write something first, and record it.
  3. You can take snippets from your video for your social media. You can take the audio for a podcast, the video for video, and then you distributed to all of these different platforms.

What you need to have in place is your method, and we talk about that in my masterclass on numbers and how to create your packages. The method is going to be your number one piece where you're going to create your content from. You will have to have a plan. What kind of topics am I going to talk about when?

You will batch all the videos and win time by doing so. You will have to have an idea of which platforms you want to use. What kind of tools are there. All of that information is in my masterclass. I've also created a road map for you to use in order to organize yourself better and write down those ideas. You can download it below. The road map will help you to create the content easier and to have an idea of how to structure it.

I hope that How to develop consistent content for your business showed you that it doesn't have to be overwhelming at all.

A clear and simple method is all you need. 

One good piece of content that can be converted into different pieces, which you can then distribute everywhere. It's a different way of thinking! You can streamline it and have your assistants do it. I am absolutely sure that it will help you to get clients very soon!

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