How to launch effortlessly in 2020 with Fabiola Giordani

How to launch with Fabiola Giordani




Today I am joined by an amazing business coach Fabiola Giordani. Fabiola is a launch strategist and business coach. She helps women entrepreneurs package their expertise into profitable courses, a group program, and experience fun and sold-out launches. She has developed a simple and repeatable launch system that has grossed millions of dollars of revenue for her clients. She's on a mission to help women turn their knowledge into bankable assets and confidently sell their work. She's also been named by Huffington Post as one of the 50 must follow women entrepreneurs in 2017, and Empire Life Magazine as one of the top virtual entrepreneurial influences and mentors.  

What is launching?

Launching is getting yourself out there and making your product or service known. And it should be doing three things for you: building your brand recognition, building your community, and obviously making sales.  

The 4 Launch archetypes

According to Fabiola, there are 4 launch archetypes.  

Silent Launch/ Stealth Launch

The first one is the silent launch or the stealth launch and that's when you're launching to an exclusive group of people. For most introverts, it sounds good, you're really just building up the momentum to get people into this place, whether it's your email list, a Facebook group, wherever you want them to connect with you further. And then you would open it for a short period of time. So you do like a three-part email series with some content and engage with people. And what you're doing also is you're training them to open your emails and connect with them. And then when you're ready, you put it out there in a short period of time, usually anywhere from two days to six days, you open the cart, and boom, you can sell within that period. 

Powerhouse Launch

The second one is the powerhouse launch, which is the most modeled one, but there are two levels, there's the micro and the macro. What we usually see is the big one, the one that's in our face. But if you're first starting out a micro launch is better for you. Because it's a little bit more inviting, it's more personal, not that the other one isn't, but you can have a chance to make mistakes too and you don't have to do so much. When doing a micro launch, you choose one launch event to kick off your launch, you're not trying to do every single thing you see out there, you're choosing what feels good to you- you can do a podcast series or email, whatever works for you. 

Evergreen Launch

The third one is the evergreen launch. One thing to keep in mind is don't try to automate anything that you haven't actually launched out there. No one knows what your product is and you're like- I'm not going to be available for you, I'm not going to connect with you just buy this. It's not impossible to sell an automated product or a digital product through a sequence, but what makes it convert the best is that you have data- these emails converted really well and this kind of copy and maybe this strategy works, and then you can infuse it into an actual evergreen process. 

High-End Launch

The fourth one is the high-end launch; this is where you're a high-end program. So that's a little bit more refined, you don't have to do all of the things that you do for a course or program launch, but there are additional steps that you're taking. When you're selling high end, people have a specific problem they want solved, and they know you can do it.

You have to decide where you fall in that spectrum. You choose an archetype based on your lifestyle, energy you want to put in, the budget that you have, how big do you want to go, and how many people do you want to impact.  

  • A lot of people are afraid that if they don't have a big email list, or a big following, that a launch won’t work for them. A lot of us get stuck in the way that everything needs to be perfect and pretty. That we need to have this major list. But what you really need to do is consistently connect with people and it doesn't mean you have to email them every day or every week, but if you are putting out content, make sure it's juicy, make sure it connects and make sure it moves people into action. 
  • Avoid putting everything in email, move people out of it- you have to click here to learn this, you have to click here to watch this video. Teach them to actually open it and take action. And don't forget- people get on your email list because they are ready to be sold to. 
  • Whatever freebie you have right now based on your launch, it needs to be based on your program. It can't be a general thing, because that's not enough and then you're getting people who aren't really ready. PDFs are great conversion, they bring in the right people because it gives them a quick win. They don't have to sit and watch something and they can just take a look at it, take the action, and keep it moving.  


How to do High-end Launches 

When it comes to a high-end launch, there are different ways to do it. One example is to first warm up your audience with an email sequence, teach, encourage, love on them. And then make sure you're mentioning your one-on-one work, including testimonials and case studies. Then you could do an invitation call, let them know- this is what I teach, this is what I do. Be very clear in your invitation. And if you're not comfortable giving the figure, at least let them know if it's a four, figure, five-figure investment. 

When you do that kind of soft launch, make sure you have some prep things created like a video, because if the person on the phone says I want to speak to my partner, send them an email with a video that they can show to their partner about what you do and address objections, show your results. 

Another example is doing a webinar or a masterclass, whatever you want to call it. But the important thing to remember is to be very clear- tell them that this webinar is not like the ones you've seen online, be upfront, add smart scarcity- let them know it's not open forever, let them know that your coaching availability is short, don't be afraid to say I'm taking only x clients or I'm only gonna do this for x amount of time. So just give them the high-level overview of what it is that you're going to teach, showcase your testimonials, making sure you address the objections. 

If you want to find out more, you can check out Fabiola’s Instagram or look her up on Facebook.  

She also has a wonderful gift for you on her website. It is a playbook that walks you through the process of a launch that works for you. In the end, there is a planner where you can plan your launch step by step. It's super simple and makes your life so much easier. 

- Christine
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