Today I’m talking to Maggie Giele, Msc. She is an award-winning business and marketing strategist as well as a certified coach, helping service-based entrepreneurs grow and scale with ease so that they can do more of what they love without the burnout. Think of her as your wand-waving, spell-casting partner in crime to help you carve a path through the magical forest, where dreamy clients, business growth, and freedom await.

Maggie has a Master of Science in Marketing Strategy. When she first started, she was focusing mostly on visibility marketing content aspect and even though she was great at it, at a certain point she realized that's not actually the end result of what she does, the end result of what she does the with strategy is she helps people pay themselves more.

So, what is a micro launch?

Most people start their business from passion, and most of them are people pleasers who truly want to help but if your goal is to help others, why are you charging them?

At the end of the day, you have to have this realization of -I'm running a business, not a charity. Yes, I want to help people but there is a business at the end of the day here. Business strategy is really about finding ways of creating a model that creates revenue profit and income that supports the lifestyle and freedom goals that you have.

(Quick promo for myself- if you want to figure it out go and get my second master class, which is on numbers and packages because Maggie and I totally agree that you need to know your numbers in order to even have an idea of where you want to charge, what you want to charge and how you want to build your suite of products)

Maggie has created something that I find absolutely genius. It's kind of a hybrid between the freedom that it produces but also making money, which we need to do, and she does this quite successfully. She calls it micro launching.

Maggie hated the idea of having to have a big launch. First of all, she didn’t have an audience of 50,000 people, she didn’t have a team, and she didn’t have six months of time she can put aside to try to sell an offer that's not been validated. So, for the last couple of years, she’s been creating really quick ways of marketing and selling offers, whether they were one-on-one or group offers.

The concept basically is

  • if you have a really, really clear audience
  • a really, really clear outcome for your offer and
  • you add urgency and scarcity to your marketing it works really well.

If you have a really clear outcome, if that's your group offer, digital product or one on one service and you say- here is the exact results transformation or outcome that you can expect from this process, and you make that really, really clear and specific and you add the urgency of scarcity (with grace and integrity) you can sell that so much faster because people see that, and they can self-select and they can go- I need that, and I don't want to wait for the next round or next month because there's a limited quantity available.

  • Pricing is also a big component of this one. Because contrary to having a long prep phase, which you kind of need without people necessarily being aware of it, your offers are usually bite-sized and its really affordable and it means that you exchange the time, in terms of simplicity, you don't need to spend a lot of time preparing everything and getting everything picture-perfect. Yes, your revenue will be smaller per person but because it is bite-sized or because it is super affordable, you will convert very quickly and a lot of people.

This works specifically really well for lower offers. They don’t have to be cheap; it depends on your audience. But this is not the best approach for something like a year-long commitment or something that your clients will have to decide between paying rent and paying you for something. If it's a bit of a stretch but it's not stress for your client, this method works great.

When it comes to promoting your micro-launch, here is what you need to know. Content is really important here. People are not posting their content enough, especially in the health industry. A lot of the time when people say- I've “launched“ this offer and I got crickets, 90% of the time it's because you haven't given your offer enough visibility so people haven't been able to even take it into consideration. With micro-launching, Maggie has content flow framework that she uses. From the moment she thinks that it could be fun to do like a program or something, she starts talking about it, she starts asking questions and dropping comments., dropping conversations about it. She starts validating if that is something real or not. So, it's really about validating your and validating your offer this way by talking about it and asking questions around it, has so many great benefits for you- market validation, visibility, you can give your clients agency, market research, etc.

Another big part of micro-launch and launch in general is to pay attention to your analytics. You need to go into your email, every email provider gives you analytics and it will show you how many people click, where and which link and that way you can calculate what the engagement is in your email. Maggie recommends using , which is essentially a chat box that allows you to talk with visitors on your website and you can answer their questions or get feedback about why aren’t they buying your product.

One of the goals that Maggie has with her content is to produce value even if you are not going to buy her product at the moment. She still wants you to get value from her marketing content, from her launch content because she knows you're watching her and the next time, when there's an offer that fits you, you are much more likely to buy.

You can use this method even if you're just starting out, use this to test your water before you build a huge course, spend six months building it and then having crickets because nobody is actually interested or because you didn't do the foundation work. Get clear on your branding, get clear on who you want to work with, get clear on your numbers and packages and strategy of how to guide your clients to understand and wanting to work with you, get your content out there, get your publicity out there get your funnels right so that you can convert them, get your systems ready to get your money but then test it out and based on that you can build your group program and recycle stuff.

Maggie has an amazing Facebook group called Bosses in Europe. So, if you are in Europe, I think it’s absolutely essential to join that. Maggie hosts a podcast called Business Magic with Maggie Giele and you can also find her on Instagram.

To find out more about Maggie’s Micro-launch and get her freebie on her Micro-launching framework visit

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