I am like the Guachimontones pyramids in the coaching world…⁣

I am like the Guachimontones pyramids in the coaching world…

Let me explain.⁣

When we were in Mexico we visited the super famous Teotihuacan temples and the Guachimontones ones.⁣

The first ones are close to Mexico city, frequently visited by thousands of tourists and locals and nationals (due to the pandemic we were relatively alone) and they are super popular.⁣

However, what a lot of people don’t know is that most of what you see (like 90%) is fake and was actually rebuilt in the 60’s 😳!!⁣

Now the Guachimontones have only been discovered in 1969 but are over 2000 years old and completely untouched. They are also the only circular pyramids in Mexico. Strangely they are kind of the underdog and there was literally nobody there apart from us.⁣

It was so beautifully green and natural and you could feel a powerful energy and frequency at the place.⁣

I decided that I want to be like the Guachimontones pyramids in the coaching world. Kind of wise and authentic, simple yet strong and with a vibe/energy/frequency that is perfect for the right people.⁣

Does that make sense?

- Christine
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