I am not a small ticket, launch person

I am not a small ticket, launch person

This time it will stick!

I am not a small ticket, launch person.

I haven't been launching in 5 years. Because every launch I ever had tanked.

But even though every fiber of mine screamed “never again” I refused to be dictated by my past.

So I got help because I had this beautiful event in mind in a certain way.

I got a strategist, coaches, etc.

We did it all. Ads, great copy, engagement, collaborations, and yet . . . ticket sales were a disaster if you look at it from a pure business perspective point of view.

A huge loss financially. However, what did it teach me?

The people at the event: perfect!❤ The vibe: perfect!❤ The impact: amazing!🔥

It confirmed what my gut had told me all along: my zone of genius is going deep with individuals. Seeing them and their businesses (or business ideas) and helping them structure it, getting ready mentally, and implementing.

I rock when I do that.

I am great at teaching classes but I thrive even more in intense work with individual clients or small groups.

Lesson freakin' learned!

I am a boutique service💎. I am not for high street, mainstream.

I love high-end. I love investing in myself and my business and in every area of my life. I love luxury.

And my private business consulting and coaching is just that.

My coaching is luxury. Think Michelin star versus burger franchise (although I do cater that as well with my monthly free classes).

So after reframing my frustration and imposter syndrome I now am back on track with more clarity than ever.

No more big events. Only small, intimate, and high-end (Luxurious Namibia and Bali retreats for entrepreneurs in 2022 are planned. Email me for more information)

And another promise I am making you here: I will never sell you results I can't deliver.

When you get on a qualifying call with me expectations and results are clearly discussed before we move on working with each other.

Sound good?

- Christine
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