“I’m not good with technology” –  “I am computer illiterate” –  “I’m not tech-savvy”⁣

I hear those sentences when working with my clients all the time.⁣  So when you want an online business . . . how do you deal with this, very real (to you) problem?

Now, let me be honest here for a sec: I love tech! I always have. Being born in the early 80’s I grew up with MS DOS, IRC chat rooms, ICQ, MySpace, etc and I loved all of it. ⁣

Even now, building a website for hours, figuring out how to set up deadline funnels and which zappier connections to use, actually calms me down and makes me fall into a timeless vortex from which I have to be pulled out with my head spinning, red, hot cheeks and a feeling of satisfied buzzing!⁣

I do completely understand though that not everyone feels this way.⁣ For many, the tech part is agonizing stress, feelings of overwhelm, and feeling stupid.⁣

So many are doing this, then why does this feel so hard?

Here's the truth:

You cannot build an online business without technology. It is just not doable.⁣

Even if you can hire it out, you will need to know how things are working when your freelancers leave, change directions or go bust!⁣ You will also have to explain it to new team members and ultimately you need to understand how this clockwork of tech pieces is helping or hindering your business.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • We are smart people but most of us have had a grand education in something else than tech for online businesses.⁣
  • We have PHDs, Masters degrees, years of experience in different fields of coaching but when it comes to setting up an email workflow or getting your CRM to automatically send out contracts and invoices… we have no idea!⁣

And that is OK!⁣ It is a learning process.⁣ Be gentle with yourself.⁣ You are not stupid!

Learning technology is a learning opportunity and it takes practise and maybe you’ll need to listen to a few people explaining the same thing until you find the one who explains it just the way that it makes sense to you.⁣

I love teaching those things and on hands tech support and tutorials is always included when working with my private clients.⁣⁣ Because an online business is so different from a brick and mortar or any other traditional job out there.⁣⁣
Website design⁣⁣, CRMs⁣⁣, Email softwares⁣⁣, YouTube optimisation⁣⁣, Pinterest optimization, ⁣
Instagram optimization⁣⁣, SEO⁣⁣, Webinar softwares⁣⁣, Connecting everything⁣⁣, Graphic Design⁣⁣, ⁣⁣
Invoicing Tools⁣⁣, Accounting Tools⁣⁣, Podcasting set up and running⁣⁣, Filming gear and practice⁣⁣… It is A LOT! And you will be confronted with all of it at some point.⁣⁣
I cannot wait to walk you through it and at the same explain why you use it strategically and also help you to feel comfortable using it psychologically: not feeling like a loser but like a business owner doing work on your own terms.

In integrity. With passion. With purpose. Making bank.⁣⁣

To understand more about how I work in general have a look at my free training. Let me be your guide! I'll show you the right steps on how to get more exposure, building your audience, and profit wildly!⁣⁣

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