I have not always been a good coach

I have not always been a good coach blog

Here’s the truth.⁣

There were times when I did not connect well with clients. Not often but it happened. And I didn’t enjoy working with them.⁣

There were times when I needed the money so I wasn’t as selective hence creating those situations.⁣

And there were times where I was coaching in an area that was ok interesting for me but not my passion… and that impacted my performance a lot as well.⁣

It is uncomfortable to look back and admit that. But it is also necessary because if there is one thing I cannot stand it is seeing coaches not do that and only selling rainbows and unicorns.⁣

In my opinion, you have to know yourself and your flaws in order to heal them and become better as a human and of course coach. ⁣

Now that does not mean that you need to consistently unload your blues with “vulnerability posts”. To me, it means helping others recognize some patterns or lessons quicker through you sharing your mistakes and lessons learned. I hope that makes sense.⁣

  • I am so blessed that I am now doing exactly what I love.⁣
  • I adore business coaching.⁣
  • I love the geeky side.
  • I love the nerdy side
  • I adore the personal development aspect of it.⁣

Working with people and seeing clearly through “the cobwebs” they see and helping them to also discover a clear path to their success and happiness is my purpose oxygen.⁣

It lights me up, makes me tingle, and reconfirms my abilities (‘cause we all need that from time to time).⁣

- Christine
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