My dear ‘surfing along this page' reader

Having spent nearly a decade in internetland and having 2 businesses . . . I tried a LOT of different programmes, coaches, courses, softwares… you name it.

And here is what I found. Persuasive, fomo marketing works. It probably also makes more money more quickly. 

Do the elements that are sold always deliver? Not so much.

I consciously decided not to go the more traditional online marketing route with lots of sales pages, shiny buttons, countdown timers and so forth.

I also decided that I will not leave my clients wanting and so I focused, distilled or filtered, however you want to called it, all of the knowledge in my brain and structured it in a way that I know are the absolute best foundation to grow a business.

No unnecessary bullshit but also not leaving any gaps.

On top of that you may have noticed that I consult and coach. That means you get all the strategies, tools recommendations etc that I have but ALSO personal support, encouragement, coaching and questioning. This is essential when growing a business. Because it is a rollercoaster of emotions. And I will be there with you. So behold the result of my creation:

Impact With Integrity


Let's build your foundations the right way. Includes your brand, copy, packages and pricing

global outreach

Be findable. Attract clients globally and become an international expert. PR, signature talk and more


From strategic content creation to its distribution , systems to save time and primed to be outsourced


Bespoke 1:1 coaching to crack your blindspots and keep you from self-sabotage


Step by step tech guidance from email, to podcasting,
to embedding code to your website.
I will guide you through it all.

In a nutshell: Impact with Integrity™

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What does this look like then?

Most frequent questions and answers

You have either:

– a blob of an idea of what you want to do but need a little guidance to get clarity, structure, a solid plan, and moral support.


– you have a great business but you have fallen out of love with it and it is starting to become a bit of a drag than a joy. You are ready to pivot. I'm all for that!


I have some very clear values that I look for in my clients.

I am only keen on working with people who are super honest, communicate when there is something on their mind, have a great sense of humour, an open mind, are not afraid of money or are eager to overcome that awkward money relationship and who are ready to listen, implement and be patient.

It depends on where you are in your business but all I can tell you is that this brain over here has been learning a LOT over the years and you are getting it all according to your needs.


Here's the deal. 

I have done it the hard way. Invested in different coaches (business, mindset, financial,YOU NAME IT). I bought online courses, softwares aaand after 5 years in business I now have a flow in place and have been teaching my essence to private and mastermind clients alike…and it is da 💣  So instead of spending your cashola on 10 $2000 courses do the (in my opinion) smart thing:

Invest in the Impact with Integrity which is built on 5 main focus points (we will use what applies to you and your situation):

  1. Developing your brand, your niche and hence attracting your dreamy clients who will be a joy to work with.

  2. Facing your numbers and actually use that knowledge to structure your business logically and design and price your packages to give you full control of consistency in your business. OTHER BUSINESS COACHES DO NOT TEACH THIS! (tbh a lot of them don't have a really good grasp of their finances themselves…)

  3. Setting up your marketing automation from being seen, to getting potential clients on your email list, to getting them to work with you…all the efficient and elegant way in language that you'll understand with tech tutorials or done for you if you need it.

  4. A proven system to create tons of content in the least amount of time with the least amount of work (my fave). I use this method all the time. I will teach you all of it and you will get step by step tutorials for you or your assistant to implement.

  5. Global outreach system. We will craft your signature talk for public speaking or webinars that convert the curious to client. We will have you storm the media world with PR coaching to get you on podcasts, TV and press.  PLUS yours truly has had her TEDX talk and I will teach you everything I know for you to get your own!
  6. BONUS: With all of those people interested in working with you, it will help to know…well…how to sell. And I know you want to do this with integrity and grace. So I will teach you that as well.

Currently I only offer a VIP day or 5 day sprints. More info below.

Excited??? Me too! And if you are like me you just CANNOT wait to get more info.

So click the button below for a blindspot call (to see how I can help you as best as possible)

What people say

Maggie Headshot Tuscany

'Christine will tell it like it is, and we need that to be able to move forward faster'

Maggie Giele, Business Strategist

Christine is a breath of fresh air. Luxury air that will make you tremble in your boots, get fired up, and want more. We had a session together as I want to move towards more premium, high-touch work and I wanted an external opinions on the gaps of my messaging and business to move more in my ideal direction. So many things came up from the call – they weren’t all easy to listen to – but it almost felt like permission to do a few things I’ve wanted to but wasn’t sure about. 

Kathryn Meehan


Kathryn Meehan, Life Coaching
Christine is a true gem and filled with amazing amounts of generosity and practical assistance. Her laser focus and specific suggestions helped polish up my newly developed website so that it could be more relatable to potential clients and fill in some of the information I was overlooking. I am so grateful to have met Christine and will continue to seek out her guidance. I recommend her services with the highest confidence!

'Christine helps you identify your blind spots'

Donna Stewart, Diabetes Prevention Coach
Before working with Christine, I didn't feel like I had all of my bases covered. I now have clear direction and a set of standard operating procedures for every aspect of my business. Christine meets you where you are, helps you identify your blind-spots and helps you get to where you want to go.

'Christine's help was really valuable for me'

Martha Berkesch Lewis​, Health Coach

I definitely feel like I got help in learning more strategies for marketing and social media. And what to write about and how to pitch podcasts and speaking gigs and things like that. Christine's help was really valuable for me.


'Christine's coaching helped me get featured in big media outlets'

Kendra Perry, Business Coach
Christine is my go to bestie for all things business, marketing and PR. She always provides helpful insight and thinks outside the box. Her coaching helped me get featured in Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, BuzzFeed and This woman knows her shit and any coach would be a lucky star to work with her.

'very informative, eye opening, and easy to digest information'

Irene Masiku​, Self Sabotage Coach

I am very surprised at how fast Christine's niching exercises got me to what I should be focusing on as a niche! Very informative, eye opening, excellent delivery and easy to digest information. I am impressed.


'Christine is very professional and resourceful'

Kelly Murry, Health Coach
Christine is very efficient in her business processes and also very effective. So she puts out all that. She taught us what I liked the most how to produce a lot of content. She is very professional and very resourceful.

'She knows her stuff in both health and business'

Annie Schlecht​, Health Coach

Christine really knows her stuff in both the health sector and then also in the business coaching. It's just kind of the best of both worlds.