Just design your freebie in Canva!

just design your freebie in canva

Right, right, right. For some of us, diving into the Canva Design time vortex is bliss and a form of switching off (and potentially wasting so much time we could use for other things but oh well).⁣

However, from experience with my clients, I know that this can be a nightmare! It is just not their thing!!!⁣ It is frustrating, time-consuming, and still looks like 💩 afterward🤣⁣

So once in a while, I will share resources I truly, truly believe can help you.⁣

Today, I want to share Basil & Bark who create loads of templates at an affordable price tag that look good and get the job done and save you time and frustration.⁣

Ideally, you hire the whole thing out. But if that’s not where you are at yet then that’s cool and this is a great “middle ground” kinda thing.⁣

Now for all transparency: yes, I get an affiliate commission when you sign up as a thank you from Alysha for sharing the word. Which I love doing because her business rocks.⁣

FYI: if you love something and totally vouch for it see if they have an affiliate program as well! It’s a win-win to help others and get some cupcake money as well!❤️⁣

Have fun designing your freebie⁣!

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