You don’t know what you don’t know

You don't know what you don't know

Marketing 101 talks about playing on your client’s pain points.⁣

And while yes, sometimes it helps them to be reminded of why it is best for them to take a step towards being helped I just cannot stomach making people feel inferior or inadequate or even stupid at times.⁣

The truth is that success comes with experience. And experience comes through learning and also making mistakes. The end.⁣

Me and my business values are here to support you and teach you from our mistakes. ⁣

I don’t need to make anyone feel lacking and act out of a place of desperation.⁣

I do not want that!⁣

I want you to be inspired, motivated, eager to learn, and excited in a positive way not in an anxious one.

That is who I am and how I am coaching.⁣

I know it can be hard to choose from in an industry as dense as business coaching.⁣

So would you like to get an impression first hand? Then my free monthly classes are a great point to start.⁣

Make sure to check my free classes page and stay tuned on Instagram for announcements about the current free class of the month.❤️⁣

Lot’s of love⁣

- Christine
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