Why a little of Marie Kondo is important for your business

Why a little of Marie Kondo or Home Editing is important for your business

Why a little of Marie Kondo or Home Editing is important for your business.⁣

A few new musings of mine.⁣

A while ago I met a friend at hers (ok pre-Covid times) who is also running a business. As we entered her home I literally had to take a step back.⁣ 

The place was a mess!⁣

Stuff tossed around everywhere, tons of dirty dishes in the sink, the bathroom was grimy with beauty products whose shelf life had expired when AOL was still hot . . . it was not pretty.⁣

I also knew that she had been struggling with her business. Being organized, knowing her numbers, just being professional I guess.⁣

When I saw where she lived that didn’t surprise me.⁣

I am not saying that you need to be an uber control freak and stick fancy labels on every pencil you own.⁣

However, not having been the tidiest person in the past, once I did purge and really got organized, things changed so much!⁣

⁣It made me calmer, more confident, I took myself more seriously and the pesky voice in my head telling me to “tidy up my room” that made me feel inadequate had left the building.⁣

I was able to relax more and be more productive and focused at the same time.⁣

Is everything perfect? Hell no! But it makes me happy! Because I like it and it’s beautiful.⁣

And it does make a huge difference in how you will treat yourself and your business.⁣

So if your office is still doubling as the kids’ playroom make sure your section is clearly sealed off and is entirely YOURS and your business’s. You owe it to your business and yourself.⁣

If your office makes you miserable because it used to be the broom cupboard and still looks like it, have a do over. A bit of paint and decoration can be life-changing (and good organizing tools of course).⁣

Personally, my new office space has changed my whole vibe around my business and I am SO happy working in it, talking to clients in it, being interviewed in it, and also relaxing in it when reading a personal development book with my coffee.⁣

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