I call bullshit on the mother avatar

I call bullshit on the mother avatar blog

With a certain maturity in the coaching business come certain realizations.

One is that many entrepreneurs go about the “perfect client avatar” the wrong way… or at least a way that doesn't make entirely sense to me nor my soul clients.

Best example: Mothers… Seriously! Could there be a more diverse group of people than mothers?

I am a mother but I am super different from my own mother, my sister who is a mother, my friends who are mothers, strangers who are mothers . . . It is absurd to use this as a category when it comes to who we want to work with. (Unless you focus on postpartum or something directly child-related of course).

We should rather focus on values when it comes to who we desire to attract to work with. Not age, gender, income, etc.

My clients are super diverse right now. But they all fulfill my soul client criteria. They are honest, fun, driven, and genuine people who desire to make the world better for others through their work.

It is awesome.

Once you communicate to those who represent your values you are on the right track. No matter what your niche is. The human who will receive your gift comes first. Whether that is coaching, a piece of art, personal development help, etc.

So please, please reflect on whether the typical avatar exercise is actually in your favor.

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