You’re the president or director of a small organisation.

You want to be an aspirational team leader who is only doing the things that are in your zone of genius, while your team is thriving doing what they’re best at.

In order to achieve that goal, you need your team to be intrinsically motivated, so that you don’t have to give pep talks every 5 minutes, you need better playbooks for all the different moving parts in your organisation and someone tech-savvy and digitally native (I am one of those who grew up in an analogue world that went digital and knows the best of both) who helps streamlining the processes.

The problem is that you are working with humans, and as lovely as they are they can be unpredictable. On top of that you are given timelines by external factors, such as your board or yearly fixed events which you have to accommodate for no matter how big the workload. And you could do with a dozen more team members but unfortunately that is not in the cards. Which makes you feel frustrated, powerless at times and stressed for time.

I believe that every organisation can run effortlessly with fulfilled team members up to par with the ambitious mission.

At the same time, I believe that every business needs to have a healthy dose of inspiration and practicality. You are destined to do the things you desire in the world – yet without the tools and strategies for implementation (and not many people talk about this!), your business is not sustainable

I understand that handling all the different responsibilities from handling a team, up to fulfilling all your KPIs up to having enough time for yourself is incredibly demanding. Trust me, having run two of my own businesses and volunteered in non-for-profits. I’ve been there.

Each project was tackled with heart and soul and that is exactly why ultimately I structured my part in them in a way that would allow them to exist for generations to come without my presence being necessary.

This is the truth for my business, as well as my position in the organisation.

Having investigated all the different parts of running a business allowed me to gather so many different experiences, like being in Paris on national French TV, winning awards, being published in prominent media, and working with clients from all over the world. These experiences have allowed me to do what I love most.

This is why I created the V.S.E. METHOD.

Here's how we do it:

Vision, Strategy, Execution


You are the president of your organization. The Chief Executive Officer if you will. Ultimately it is your job to create a vision and then implement a strategy to get there.

2 Strategy

Visions, mindset, manifesting, all of it is well and good but ultimately you need some logic to create the most efficient and impactful strategy to get to your vision and your goal.


This is where it gets tricky because this is the crucial moment when a lot of teams get overwhelmed. Knowing what to do and how are two different things entirely. I am here to help with that.

4 WOW YOUR CLIENT/board/members by adding a special touch

This is what sets you apart. What makes you even more professional and yet doesn't add more work to your plate. I excell at finding solutions for this.

5 BONUS Money savers

My trial and error is your blessing. Over the years I got a really good insight what is worth investing in and what is just great marketing but results? Not so much . . .

In a nutshell: Vison, Strategy, Execution

So your team is NOT going to implode, your board of directors is not going to be unhappy and you won’t curse every Monday for years to come, and instead, your job won’t feel like work, and your team culture will be something everyone else is jealous of.

What does this look like then?

Here are some sample ideas of what we can work on but each client will get a custom journey

As the leader of your business it is absolutely crucial that you know where you are heading. Ideally you have one main goal and the stepping stones to get there will happen over time. 

I am helping you to stay on track, aim higher or get back down to earth and to design a timeline and roadmap on how to get there.

Here are som examples of what this might entail:

Taking invetory of current situation (oral inventory)
Look at existing SOP's or drafting them
put SOP into project management platform – edit them after going through them with board or Ceo
Note questions -ask board of directiors or CEO to clarify
Edit steps to make it logical and flow nicely
Correct ESP to use and HOW to use it (automations etc)
Help the with FB ads – lead gen ads / pixel etc

Some examples of what this might look like:

Keep, Ditch or Change (and save money every month)
Extra steps that are interesting
Prepare tutorials (loom / youtube) for potential turnover
Reevaluate team situation
LIVE event support (ie Using microphones to do a fb live (event))
QR codes – put them on paper, print them out – scan and follow on socials
Grow FBGroup 
Mix of digital and anology
Using reels on social media -which app they can use -share recourses
Tools for better Fb lives 
Support for efficiency in meetings

This might include:

Investigating whether tools are efficient
Making it easy for your client (and yourself) to sign contracts, take payments, get feedback
Using paperless posts – thank you cards

This might include:

Choose the right website service and designer
Going through subscriptions and reevaluate
Software comparisons


Excited??? Me too! And if you are like me you just CANNOT wait to get more info.

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*currently I only work on a monthly basis

What people say

Maggie Headshot Tuscany

'Christine will tell it like it is, and we need that to be able to move forward faster'

Maggie Giele, Business Strategist

Christine is a breath of fresh air. Luxury air that will make you tremble in your boots, get fired up, and want more. We had a session together as I want to move towards more premium, high-touch work and I wanted an external opinions on the gaps of my messaging and business to move more in my ideal direction. So many things came up from the call – they weren’t all easy to listen to – but it almost felt like permission to do a few things I’ve wanted to but wasn’t sure about. 

Kathryn Meehan


Kathryn Meehan, Life Coaching
Christine is a true gem and filled with amazing amounts of generosity and practical assistance. Her laser focus and specific suggestions helped polish up my newly developed website so that it could be more relatable to potential clients and fill in some of the information I was overlooking. I am so grateful to have met Christine and will continue to seek out her guidance. I recommend her services with the highest confidence!

'Christine helps you identify your blind spots'

Donna Stewart, Diabetes Prevention Coach
Before working with Christine, I didn't feel like I had all of my bases covered. I now have clear direction and a set of standard operating procedures for every aspect of my business. Christine meets you where you are, helps you identify your blind-spots and helps you get to where you want to go.

'Christine's help was really valuable for me'

Martha Berkesch Lewis​, Health Coach

I definitely feel like I got help in learning more strategies for marketing and social media. And what to write about and how to pitch podcasts and speaking gigs and things like that. Christine's help was really valuable for me.


'Christine's coaching helped me get featured in big media outlets'

Kendra Perry, Business Coach
Christine is my go to bestie for all things business, marketing and PR. She always provides helpful insight and thinks outside the box. Her coaching helped me get featured in Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, BuzzFeed and This woman knows her shit and any coach would be a lucky star to work with her.

'very informative, eye opening, and easy to digest information'

Irene Masiku​, Self Sabotage Coach

I am very surprised at how fast Christine's niching exercises got me to what I should be focusing on as a niche! Very informative, eye opening, excellent delivery and easy to digest information. I am impressed.


'Christine is very professional and resourceful'

Kelly Murry, Health Coach
Christine is very efficient in her business processes and also very effective. So she puts out all that. She taught us what I liked the most how to produce a lot of content. She is very professional and very resourceful.

'She knows her stuff in both health and business'

Annie Schlecht​, Health Coach

Christine really knows her stuff in both the health sector and then also in the business coaching. It's just kind of the best of both worlds.