Sales: The Secret Of Selling Like A Boss

Sales the secret of selling like a boss Jas Tahkar




This interview is different from the others, but I think that it is a desperately needed one for a lot of you out there because it’s about sales. My guest is Jas Takhar. He is a Toronto native and has been in the sales and service industry for over 25 years. Soon after deciding to try his hand in real estate, he co-founded the REC, and in the course of 15 years, has successfully propelled his team to the 1st position in Canada under Royal LePage. He also did 39 million in sales during the COVID-19 crisis.

Now you might be wondering, “I'm a coach. I have an offline business that I want to take online. Why is she talking to someone who might be pretty well known for selling real estate? It's so different.” 

Sales – Selling like a Boss

We talk a lot about selling the invisible, and you know that I'm a huge fanatic about numbers. Knowing your numbers, getting comfortable with your numbers, and most of all feeling comfortable serving others. You might think that the gap between selling real estate, selling health, or selling personal development is huge. But in the end, it's not. It's all in your head. 

Here’s what we’re looking at:

  • How to help you understand and see your blind spots
  • Show you some of the subtle tweaks Jas uses in order to close deals


Sales – Helping others make a decision

In 12th grade, Jas started working in a retail store selling shoes. He loved how people came in, and he was able to help them through making a decision. It was something that he could tell that he was good at. Talking about it now, he says that his “magic sauce”: always making it easy for people to make that decision. You need to try to find out, 

  • How can you make it easy for people to buy and not be a salesperson? Find that in whatever business you're in! 

For Jas that is real estate. So, what does he do differently than the rest of the marketplace? He gives away all the information upfront. He has a team of 35 real estate agents and 10 support staff. What they all do really well is teach people how to buy their own home, sell their own home, and how to invest in real estate themselves. 

The idea behind it is to inform the marketplace, to the best of your ability, and let them make an educated decision.

Only 2% of people in Canada ever sold their own home. Jas’s focus is on the 90% of people that always use the services of a real estate agent. He teaches them how to sell their own home, knowing well that they're never going to sell their own home. Think about it this way: If a car mechanic taught you how to change the oil in your car, he’s the one who you’re going to think about when you need an oil change. You will never change your own oil. 

Whatever your business is, giveaway your top advice, your top strategies; you have to live and be in a place of an abundance mentality.

Why would they still pay you? 

Because in the end, even if they know all that,  they do not pay you for that, they pay you to do it for them, or to hold them accountable, or because they want more guidance. That's why your price point is also going up because they know what they need to do.

Like will always attract like

If you're always thinking in scarcity, “there's not enough business to go around”, “there are not enough clients that I'm getting”, “I'm not making enough money”. That's what you get in your life. But when you think, “wow, I have so much business coming my way”, I don't know how to deal with it!” Now, what starts to happen, your brain starts to find ways to bring more business to you. You do need to actually work for it, you need to put those feelings that you feel towards it and that is what truly changes the vibration in the universe to bring you what you're looking for.

Sales: Be aware of your blind spots

You might know what you want, but you might have subconscious beliefs that were to sabotage you and actually manipulate you so that subconsciously you're still blocking yourself. You need to find those hidden blocks in order to make that abundant thinking actually be real, otherwise, you might be hitting your head against the wall over and over again. Check out Tapping Into Your Wealth by Margaret Lunch Raniere.

A lot of people spent so much time on “how” – how am I going to afford it, how am I going to get a team, how am I going to create more business. The “how” is not even actually your job. Your job is “what” do you want and “why” do you want it because the “what” and the “why” are in your control. The “how” will always appear, it always has, and it always will. Because the universe is to give to you, you just need to be prepared for it and be ready for it.

Sales: Follow-ups

One last thing that Jas believes helps people make the right decision is following up. Any decision needs to be followed up anywhere from 17 to 22 times, that's the statistic. This means that for instance in real estate, a purchaser or a seller needs to be followed up on an average of 17 times. That's by phone, email, text, video whatever it is. It also means that it might take 34 times for you. You might get lucky, the first time you come in communication with them that they buy or sell or invest with you. But on average, it's 17 times.

Jas’s advice is to ask your clients for permission to follow up in a month, three, six, whatever you choose. Whatever time was granted to you to follow up, cut it in half. So if it was six months, reach out after three just to check in if you are still on track for three months from then. 

If you can be consistent with following up. Your business will grow because it's a numbers game!

To get more information on Selling like a boss and for some amazing gifts, head over to Jas's website or find him on Instagram.

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