Stop waiting for the perfect moment

stop waiting for the perfect moment

Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Create it yourself and live the life you actually want.⁣

If anything this pandemic has made us painfully aware of our mortality. And the panic of fighting against it because we still “have so much to do”, and we still have all these plans and things we want to implement, so dying now? Not an option!⁣

Here’s the thing though. This is actually called procrastination on life. Your 1 life, here right now. Stop panicking and act right now so that at some point soon you can say: sure if I get hit by a bus today it will suck but I can actually let go without regrets.⁣

I am proud to say and happy to realise that I can actually do that.⁣

So if you want to finally get that business off the ground in a beautiful aligned way that is totally you and lets you live your life exactly the way you want to then get in touch I might be able to help.⁣

And who knows, I had this year’s birthday in Aruba and it has been the most beautiful birthday yet. Because why not fly across the world for a week?! (Business class though I admit 😬😉)⁣

Lots of love to you ❤️

- Christine
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