The Sales Pitch Ambush. . . Oh, it makes me cringe!

The Sales Pitch Ambush . . . Oh, it makes me cringe!

The Sales Pitch Ambush . . . Oh, it makes me cringe! And yet so many business “gurus” teach this.

Get your prospect on a call (ideally by offering “free help”, help them a little, take notes of their pain points, then throw those back into their faces and the: tada, pitch your service as the solution.

Here is why this makes me gag.

“Normal” people are not as obsessed with the online marketing world as many of us are.

So when they get in touch with you because you promised them free help then they truly believe that is what you are about. AS THEY SHOULD! Why should they doubt your intentions?

You might call it naive I just call it having people believing in common decency aka not lying.

So when you pitch to them…they are baffled, feel overwhelmed, and yes even violated.

I am sure a lot of us have been in their place (I certainly have at the beginning of my journey) and that ambush seriously rattled me.

I am strictly against this type of baiting.

Why not be honest?

Why not announce that at the end of your conversation there will be an evaluation of whether a transaction of money vs service will happen?

What are you scared of? You have a business you are not a fairy!

Plus it is so much more honest.

So, please don't promise something and then ambush with something else.

It gives the online business world a bad rep and enrolling someone because they are too embarrassed to say no and who then have buyers remorse versus someone who is all in and went into a call with your eyes wide open is just such a different experience.

Guess which one I prefer and teach my clients?

No need to bamboozle. No need to withhold the intent. Stand in your well-deserved authority as a business owner.❤

- Christine
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