Want to travel the world in style?

With fellow entrepreneurs who are at the same level as you? Compare best practices over Martinis at the beach or watching an African Sunset on Safari?

A lil' insight into my last mentorship retreat

You are not a “beginner” in the entrepreneurial space. On the contrary. Your business is flourishing.

You thoroughly enjoy the company of fellow business owners who are at the same level as you and talk shop. 

  • How do you streamline so that you have more time to actually that income you are generating?
  • How do you lead and manage teams?
  • How do you scale sustainably without giving up your freedom?

And… you love to travel and discussing these topics at the pool, or in a beautiful jungle lodge (never less than superior 4 starts of course!) sounds like your kind of deal.


Well mine too!

Yet I haven't found something like it anywhere. So I created it 💡

DISCLAIMER: This is not a retreat!

This is an experience! We will do stuff everyday from seeing the sights, to having a spa day at the most exotic and beautiful locations in the world.

Want to get on board?

Then book a call now to enquire more details.

Discover The World

You are working hard. Let's live a little and discover the world together with like minded entrepreneur peers… in style of course!

Business talk strictly allowed.

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Namibia, Africa

Business Vacation: The ultimate travel experience



Bali, Indonesia

Business vacation: the ultimate travel experience

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