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Emma O'Brien is a mindset coach and rapid transformational therapist who specializes in helping small business owners break free from imposter syndrome experience and self-doubt, and incorporates a unique blend of subconscious belief work, mindset strengths coaching, and positive psychology with her freedom framework to help her clients achieve transformational results. 

As entrepreneurs, imposter syndrome it's not the first term we hear on our business journey. We stumble upon marketing, branding, we even know what a webinar or a funnel is, before we actually understand the imposter syndrome. 

What is imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is a term for a state that so many of us feel every single day and understanding it is particularly important for people who rely on their persona to function well in order to make a living, aka running a business. Imposter syndrome can manifest itself in a lot of different ways:

  • not giving yourself enough credit
  • having difficulty accepting praise from others
  • being a perfectionist
  • over-preparing
  • avoiding procrastination, etc…

At its core, it is a feeling that people don't see you as you really are. 

Rapid Transformation Therapy

Emma decided to focus on helping small business owners deal with imposter syndrome, and I was curious as to why she made that choice. Emma’s own experience with imposter syndrome and overcoming that was a personal journey. After leaving her corporate job in order to work in the entrepreneurial world as a business owner, she soon figured out what her strengths are. As she got more involved with the business owner community, she could see the patterns playing out. She could see what the most common mindset issues were:

  • feeling like a fake
  • feeling like you don't belong here
  • feeling like what you got to say isn’t interesting enough
  • feeling like you are not qualified and experienced enough.

She then realized that she had the tools to help other people with the subconscious transformation, using rapid transformation therapy.

Find out your triggers!

According to Emma, it is extremely important to figure out your triggers, to be able to disentangle yourself from the thoughts and feelings that you're experiencing. Imagining that you can elevate yourself above your mind and look down on the proliferation of thoughts that are going around and the feelings of pain associated with those to see what's going on there, what are those thoughts and where they come from; are they thoughts that are helping me go where I want to go or are they are working against me? That is where we become the thinker of our thoughts as opposed to being our thoughts. 

The good news is that you can change your beliefs. You can change your beliefs by making something else more familiar. So, if you want a different situation, you have to make that more familiar to yourself. You do this by showing it to your mind because your mind can't tell what's the difference between what's real and imagined.

So, the more you can imagine yourself and see yourself walking through life, where you have the money that you want, the success that you want, the business that you want, whatever it may be. When you give your mind specific instructions, it can’t help but move you towards it. You also need to align your habits with the vision that you have for yourself, and that will give you great clues on what are the things that you need to change. 

Invest in your personal development

As a business owner, you need to have your voice heard and that is really difficult if you have those inner voices in your head. So, when you get into a business, I know that you want to invest in amazing software, different webinars, the CRM with all the bells and whistles, but a part of your budget has to be used for your personal development. You don't even know what you don't know, but I can promise you that your business cannot grow unless you grow first. 

If you want to reach out to Emma, visit her website and Instagram.

Take a look at Emma’s  Belief Booster 5-day challenge to go from feeling like an imposter to owning your uniqueness and start growing your business in just 5 days. Get Emma’s Believe in Yourself Audio Freebie 

- Christine
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