Why I dropped clubhouse after 2 weeks (and don’t feel bad about it)⁣

why i dropped out of clubouse blog

“It’s the next big thing!” , “Serious FOMO”, “I made $3’747’823’423 after just a week on it” etc…

Clubhouse… if you haven’t heard of it is the new-ish audio platform (a little bit like calling in on the radio) where “everyone” is hanging out graciously “dropping gems” and sharing “tons of value” for free.⁣

Here is the thing: yes, some people are there to genuinely serve (and yet ultimately it is still about getting clients, let just be honest here, and that’s cool, we all have a business).⁣

Others are there to have their ego boosted (there are “rooms” for millionaires only), some are there to find their soulmate, etc.⁣

It really depends on who you follow to be shown which rooms they are in so you are literally shown what those you are following are finding interesting.⁣

I loved it the first week. The second week I noticed a lot of familiar faces of the online coaching world popping up and it was once more the way it already is on every other platform.⁣

Domination by the usual suspects and I think that yes, it is helpful for some, especially newbies. But I don’t zig that way anymore. ⁣

Plus, it is a time-sucking vortex. If you want to chime in (because hey you want to be seen by everyone) you sometimes have to wait for hours (yes! hours!) and not even be certain to be called at all. I don’t have time for that.⁣

I did host a room there and it was fun, but as with anything, you’d have to do it more regularly plus as there isn’t a recording your value has a super short lifespan.⁣

It is a concept that is working well for some (although I find they either already had a tribe or they were super early adopters and on there all the time or they had buddies who on their end have a big audience).⁣ Yes you might get to be in the same room with “some of the big names” but ultimately at a certain point you don’t really give a toss about that 🤷‍♀️⁣

So I decided to stop my new shiny object syndrome and use my time differently. And I don’t feel flakey or like I am missing out.

Instead, I am focusing on how I can serve my audience best in my way, that is aligned with me 💕⁣

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