Why is publicity great for your online coaching business and how do you get a global impact with it?

As you may know, the name of my coaching method is the impact with integrity method. The impact piece is really important for me. It has been one of the main factors that helped me make my first business, Sleep Like A Boss pretty famous in the sleep industry.

The way that I did that was, by focusing on international PR right from the beginning. I knew that it could be tricky to get testimonials because sleep is such an intimate topic, and not everyone wants to talk about it. Also, I charge high-end prices. Not everyone wants it be known how much they paid to work with me.

Instead, I focused on publicity. In the beginning, I focused mainly on written publicity and appeared on different blogs. The first ones were

Next, I gave podcast interviews on

Things picked up from there. It has been a strategy that has helped me a lot. Keep this in mind, especially if you are in an industry where it might be a bit more difficult to get genuine testimonials with photos and with the real names (those are the most credible ones).

It is really great, if you can get the TEDx logo, the National Geographic or Forbes logo in your media banner and it gives you credibility markers.

Having been invited to give a talk at TEDx and featured in the National Geographic, Forbes, Business Insider, and Vogue, etc has really helped my business.

I really advise you to make PR and global impact one of your steps. Obviously, you need to make sure that

  1. your branding is in place
  2. your numbers and packages are ready when people come to you
  3. your email marketing is set in place

So when potential clients find you by clicking those links, you can weave them into your web of seduction. Make sure you have content on your blog, that they can click to and be wowed by. Global impact is when your potential clients basically flocked to you. All of that is a beautiful structure, which is the impact with integrity method.

With why publicity is great for your online coaching business, and in the infographic above, I shared a couple of additional tips . I'm looking forward to seeing you featured on all these different media outlets!

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